Perfect Gift Ideas for the Stationery Addict in Your Life

We spend so much time on our phones and laptops these days that, amazingly, our hands can still do anything besides type and swipe. But spending so much time staring at screens is detrimental to our creativity. That’s why creative individuals tend to crave the tangible, physical, and tactile.

Lovely stationery items are one of the best ways to reconnect with the world and revive your imagination. We all have that one person in our lives that’s journaling and always looking for new ways to improve their office environment. While giving stationery gifts is the first choice for stationery addicts, they’re also great for everybody else.

Why Stationery Is Always the Perfect Gift Idea

The upcoming holidays are the perfect time for visiting a well-equipped stationery store, online or brick-and-mortar, to pick a gift for almost everyone, especially when you aren’t sure what to buy. And for the true addicts or those who crave nothing more than the crisp pages of a brand-new diary, the delicate scent of brand-new notecards, or a freshly unboxed pen, stationery is for life, not just Christmas.

Hand-picked and finely crafted stationery supplies, such as a brand-new pencil case, notebook, or desk tidy, have never been more appropriate. These design-led and stylish products for home and office are thoughtful gifts, especially since many of us are still working from home or adjusting to a new flexible or hybrid working pattern.

Take the time to find the stationery nut their new favourite item because these little trinkets are the path to complete happiness. Here is the ultimate wishlist for die-hard stationery fans, complete with artistic notebooks and all kinds of designer stationery.

Calculator, pen and notebook in wooden box as gift


What Is the Best Stationery to Gift?

An Original, Non-Cliché Card for Everyone

Let friends and family know you’re thinking of them during this busy season by sending them cards. While parents and friends should be the only ones who send photo-heavy holiday cards, candy canes alternatives with gentler motifs and red and green substitutes with less obvious colours are perfect for anyone.

A uniquely Australian way to send your holiday greetings is with Studio Milligram’s Christmas Gift Greeting Card Set, which features the vibrant colours of native fauna bathed in the scorching summer sun. If you have multiple receivers in mind, you can get eight greeting cards influenced by coastal flora. Each card has “Seasons Greetings” incorporated into the design and is left blank for your unique Christmas message.

If you’re for a more casual card without a specific occasion in mind, the charming hand-illustrated design on this love card from Rifle Paper Co. is full of romance and charm. Every Rifle Paper Co. card comes packaged in a premium envelope and printed on superior FSC-certified paper stock. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, holding the highest environmental standards in the paper industry to ensure sustainable forestry. That way, you can show your genuine care for the planet.

Two Gift Cards with Floral Print


A Work Folio for the Person Who Has Everything

We’ve all had that one person in our lives who seemingly has everything. They can be the nightmare giftee, as we’re always out of ideas for what to buy them.

A chic and professional way to stay organised in style is with a work folio. It’s a great gift idea for a mobile phone-dependent, high-flying business professional or anyone who appreciates a good organisation.

Pick an option that has a gorgeous, environmentally-certified leather exterior and a much larger interior than its slim design would indicate. Some A5-notebook styles come with a phone, pen, cables, tablet, business cards, earbuds storage space, and also extra room for loose notes or your boarding pass.

a man's hand holding work folio on the table


A Clutch Pencil for the Sketcher

Sincerely, clutch pencils don’t receive the respect they merit. These broad boys are a fantastic option for rough sketches and drawing because they have a velvety smooth feel and offer more room for subtle, dynamic lines than a mechanical pencil’s finer lead can manage.

With its classic design, which has an octagonal body for precise control, a comfortable grip, and a 10.5cm length, the Kaweco clutch pencil is ideal for those who like carrying one to sketch landscapes or attend a life drawing class during the week.

Kaweco Clutch Pencil


A Personalised Notebook for the Writer

When browsing through the range of stationery items online, you’ll notice that almost every stationery store has an extensive range of notebooks available. A notebook makes a thoughtful gift that will uplift the people closest to you because it has limitless creative potential. And when buying a notebook for a special someone, every last detail must be perfect. It must be more than just a simple notebook; it must serve a purpose and be motivating.

An embroidered cover design that reminds of The Secret Garden book cover transforms a plain notebook into an imaginative, creative space ready for self-expression. The embroidered flowers have a lovely tactile quality that, combined with the fabric cover, gives this the appearance of an antique artifact you might discover in a fae garden.

Enough space makes a notebook the ideal location for planning, journaling, or creating a whimsical fantasy book. That means if your special someone has a lot of creative ideas, this might be the ideal tool to help them turn those ideas into poetic prose.A Personalised Notebook with 'Bright ideas' written on it

Desk Accessories for the Stationery Aficionado

A Social Stationery Set

A stationery set in a sublime and whimsical design is a delightful way to say hello in style! Look for an option that includes at least ten cover-weight flat notes in beautiful designs with matching envelopes packaged in a decorative box.

Social Stationery Set with floral theme


A Clipboard

Clipboards don’t have to be boring, as some options perfectly demonstrate. Go for a modern interpretation of an old-fashioned clipboard, so while it still has a retro appearance, it has been improved and updated. It’s a very stylish and practical choice that’s great for use in the office or classroom and works well for hanging artwork on walls.

Look for rugged springs used in the clip that will ensure the clipboard will last for years without breaking or disintegrating and a hardback that provides lots of resistance and is excellent for pressing down on while writing.