Opening Up a Sushi Place: What It Takes to Start With This Popular Business?

As busy as we modern people are, who has the time to spend on cooking right after getting back from work or before going to work? Lucky for us, in Australia there are many places to eat out or order takeaway so it’s no surprise we eat out about 2.5 billion meals per year as a nation.

While it’s great in terms of options, it’s also the place for people seeking an opportunity to venture into the eating out industry, even with healthy diet like the Japanese by opening up a sushi restaurant or a sushi train, the latest craze in the country.

sushi takeaway containers

There’s no doubt about it, we Aussies have a love affair with sushi, followed by udon noodles, sashimi and tempura, and why wouldn’t we? Knowing how healthy sushi is, rich in Omega 3 fish oils essential for the brain, bones, and putting weight under control, along with antioxidants needed for skin health, you wouldn’t be wrong in investing in your own Japanese restaurant or even sushi place specifically.

First though you’d have to make up your mind between takeaway or sit-down, so you’d be able to put together a strategy, estimating all the costs about location, equipment, advertising, furnishing and licences.

Having in mind it’s a great option even as takeaway, since many of us happen to order meals for lunch or dinner, you can’t forget to acquire the needed packaging, like the sushi takeaway containers.

This is along with the necessary bits and pieces of equipment like the rice cookers, sheeters, dispensers, sushi-making paddle, rolling mat and hangiri of course. In case you want to win over customers right away (who wouldn’t!), go for the eco-friendly and natural choices of containers like bamboo that’s also 100% compostable.

sushi takeaway containers

Another important aspect is to think about who’d be preparing the sushi, and if it’s you as the owner, whether or not you have the needed skills for it. It might be a better solution to count on your own knowledge and skills than hiring a chef though unless you know what it takes to prepare this delicious food, you’d have to spend more money on training which would take time too so in the end the hiring might be the better option.

When it comes to freshness, which is essential for this Japanese delicacy, apart from paying attention to hygiene and the sourcing and quality of the ingredients, especially the fish, it’s advisable to consider how far the delivery would happen as it’s crucial for the freshness of the sushi. When you have the right sushi takeaway containers to count on, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can’t forget to invest your time in preparing the menu well knowing it’s part of the customer attracting elements. Likewise, there’s no way about it, you’d have to advertise as best you can if you want to make this business work.