What Makes Rugs So Popular and How to Instantly Add Warmth and Beauty to Your Space

Aside from having the power to completely change a room, rugs may also define a style, fill up a dead corner, and even act as a jump-off point for interior design. I’ve frequently gone to houses where it felt like there was something missing. Typically, it was the job of a rug. Most rooms if not all benefit from the warmth that rugs bring. Here are some ideas for using rugs and carpets in your home.

The Many Roles Rugs Fulfill

neutral colors living room

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In a room that needs to serve two functions, use a rug to establish that link between the space’s two purposes. For instance, a rug arrangement establishes a causal link between lounging in the living room and dining in the dining area.

Rugs can be used to outline both spaces and driving lanes. If you want to move from one area to another smoothly or add interest to one that is very long, think about using runners as personal touches. Area rugs can be made from the majority of wall-to-wall carpeting. Around fireplaces or other architectural features, custom rugs can be notched. Cut rugs might have bands of a complementary hue or be pushed at the edges.

Of course, I support the notion of rugs as works of art, and that’s how it feels when I’m looking at a rug store display. Consider hanging a valuable or unique rug over a mantel or bed as a focal point if you have one.

Consider Material and Texture


Polyester rugs were created as an alternative to wool carpets, just like olefin. Although less durable than nylon, they are noted for being softer. If you’re looking for a high-traffic cover-up at the rug store, polyester is a decent product. They are less expensive than rugs made of natural and synthetic fibres. Moreover, it’s a fabric that manages stains reasonably well. Although, it doesn’t readily absorb liquids, thus spills and messes will occur. The fact that it is also known for the soft properties may also appeal to pet owners. Both humans and animal pets will enjoy how it feels under their paws and feet.


As a less expensive option than more expensive rugs made of wool or silk, cotton is a fun and affordable rug material. Don’t expect your cotton area rug to survive for decades, though, as cotton has a tendency to fade quickly and doesn’t repel stains. Cotton rugs work well in informal settings and are a wonderful choice if you want to switch up your rug according to the season or your mood.

Jute and Bamboo

jute area rug

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Natural rug materials like jute and bamboo may give any interior area a beach feel. These are a fantastic option for spaces that need texture, and their affordable pricing makes them an excellent value, especially in spaces where a large rug is required. Prior to shopping from a stocked rugs shop, choose the location of these rugs carefully because some of them might leave watermarks and be challenging to clean.

Leather, Hide, and Sheepskin

Animals’ skin has been used to create leather and sheepskin rugs for a very long time. These rugs are excellent additions for layered luxury under an accent chair, oddly shaped rooms, and small spaces.

The drawback of hides is that they occasionally shed and can curl at the edges, but this is an easy problem to solve. To keep them flat, simply flip them over and iron them using low heat from the rear. It’s crucial to shake them out and wash them frequently because they have a tendency to collect dirt, which can make light-coloured skins appear dirty.

Faux Fur and Faux Hide

Consider a faux hide or fur rug if you don’t like the thought of owning a real animal hide or if your budget is limited. Faux fur rugs are often power woven and frequently comprise acrylic and synthetic blends. These are fantastic if you desire the luxury of fur without worrying about their ethical sourcing. Keep in mind, they are not as simple to clean as the real thing, and they are prone to shedding, especially when they are fresh.

The Many Rug Patterns Options Available in a Rug Store

Floral Rugs

The status of floral motifs in décor has fluctuated constantly between in and out. Floral patterns can either be viewed as being modern or antique depending on the situation. Their success can be influenced by the season, the location where you live, and the way you use floral patterns.

The colourful or neutral colours present in nature can be used in floral designs to evoke a sense of the natural beauty. They are frequently used to give city homes a rural atmosphere or to make the confinement of the inside reflect the openness of the outside.

Geometrical Rugs

girl sitting on a geometrical rug

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A diamond is thought to represent clarity, ascension, and enlightenment from the next dimension. The four prongs of the diamond are also supposed to stand for the four elements that make up our planet’s natural environment: earth, air, fire, and water. If you want to feel balanced or if you want to focus on rebirth and regeneration, bring a diamond pattern rug into your home.

If you simply enjoy geometric designs that keep your home looking tidy and upscale, you may also use this pattern! Rugs with square and rectangle patterns are probably appropriate for a person whose values include consistency, tradition, and trust. They feel safest when surrounded by people and things they perceive to be fair, trustworthy, and long-standing. If this sounds like you, shop carpet with geometrical designs.

More widely recognized forms are circles and ovals, which can be found in a variety of natural objects like the sun, moon, rocks, pearls, bubbles, seeds, eggs, eyes, and more. The wheel and the ball, two of humanity’s most fundamental but significant innovations, are also represented by them.

Oriental Rugs

Luxury… What other word springs to mind when you think about Oriental rugs? These rugs are produced by hand out of more expensive fabrics like silk or wool. Each rug is handmade and unique and, depending on size, they can cost several thousand dollars. However, a lot of producers now make Oriental-style rugs using machines, which significantly reduces the price. Using less expensive materials and contemporary printing technology has made it possible to create designs that seem comparable.

Rich hues like crimson, gold, deep blue, and emerald green are frequently used in the creation of oriental style rugs. These representations cover a range of subjects including life, nature, luck, and spirituality. Someone who loves both history and splendour is likely to have an Oriental rug in their home. Admirers of imagery and symbolism, people who enjoy analysing intricate details, and people who look for deeper significance in their surroundings are also likely to be fans of this design.

Abstract Rugs

Similar to abstract painting, abstract rug designs experiment with colour and shape to produce distinctive works that don’t attempt to represent anything in particular. These pictures can be made with careful planning or with no planning at all. Free-flowing forms and lines are frequently seen in abstract rugs.

Even when using subdued hues, their distinctive iconography frequently elicits an emotional response, making them a striking focal point in the space. Abstract art is often associated with innovative and open-minded individuals. They are typically introverted intellectual thinkers who relish philosophical discussion. Undoubtedly, inviting this abstract rug into your home will spark lively debate among your visitors!