Most Popular Bed Sizes

When you are trying to choose a new bed, things can get a bit difficult; there are so many different sized beds with so many different frames and mattress options it can all get a bit overwhelming. It is important to know what size beds best fit what room, who are they made for, and which ones are popular choices. Informing yourself on all these differences will make your decision so much easier when the time comes to actually purchase a bed. Below we’ll go over the different bed sizes one by one so you can get a better understanding of the qualities each of these beds bring.

Single/Twin Bed

Don’t let the name confuse you; when someone says single bed or twin bed, they are talking about the same thing. This kind of bed has been designed to fit one person or child comfortably, any more than that would be too many. They are the most popular choice for kid’s rooms, and for guest rooms if you don’t have a lot of space and are also a popular choice for anyone who is living in a dormitory. These beds can vary a little in size, they can get smaller or larger by a couple centimeters to fit an adult or child better. You should choose the size by lying down and seeing if you fit first to make sure before you buy this kind of bed.


Full/Double Bed

Once again another bed with two names, this bed has been designed to fit an adult or child comfortably. It can fit two people but it can be a little tight as it ends up being a smaller space than a single bed per person. These beds come in so many varieties and furniture styles you can be sure to find one that will suit your home. These beds are ideal in almost any room, they are big enough for a couple and won’t take up as much space as some other bigger beds. They’re also great for someone in a studio apartment who still wants a bed but can’t afford to waste space.

Queen Bed

The queen size bed is probably the most popular sized bed in the bedding market. It is one of the most popular choices for couples and couples seem to be buying queen size bed because it is slightly larger than a full bed or double bed. The queen bed will give you a couple extra centimeters in both length and in width, meaning it fits a couple really comfortably. This kind of bed will take up a bit more space so make sure to measure the space where you want your bed placed. If you choose a bed that is too big for your room you can run the risk of your room looking too cramped and not having enough space for other furniture. You can easily find queen size beds in furniture warehouses or even easier if buying queen size bed online.

King Bed

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious or spacious then you should consider getting a king size bed (if you have space that is). This bed is the widest of all the beds listed above so it gives a couple enough space to freely move around without disturbing each other. Needless to say, it also gives more than enough room for singles, and would be perfect for someone with little kids who still want to sleep next to mum or dad, or a family who can’t keep their animals from climbing in with them. They are available in large variety of styles, shapes and colours so finding one you like shouldn’t be a problem.

Buying a bed is not something you do everyday so finding the right one for you, your home, your needs, and your family’s needs is so important. Sleep is something we do every night so finding a comfortable bed is crucial for a better quality of life. You can find a great range of beds in local furniture warehouses, and if you want to save a bit, you can buy frames second hand, although I would suggest buying a mattress new. You can even browse, shop, and compare models and prices all at the click of a button with so many online stores, and they will deliver it straight to your door.