Men, It’s Time to Wear Bamboo: The Popular Ethical Fabric

We’ve started becoming conscious of the importance of food and exercise for our well-being, what’s beneficial as opposed to what’s harmful, what to include more of and what to avoid as it can lead to certain risks, but healthy nutrition and a routine of staying physically active aren’t the only ways to add years to your life.

Knowing man-made synthetic clothing, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and rayon, is full of toxins that are in direct contact with our skin and, since skin is absorbent, they enter our bodies, making their way directly into the bloodstream and into our organs.

There’s also the fact some can cause allergic reactions and when you wear them you have the feeling you’re wearing a tent, so if you want to wear quality without the worry of rashes or lack of breathability buy ethical men’s clothing. As suggested, ethical has to do with the sustainability of the design and how it affects the environment.

One of the most popular soft and luxurious sustainable materials as of late is bamboo. Sustainability also refers to the way bamboo clothing is produced, carefully chosen, reducing emissions and recycling waste, which means by wearing ethical men’s clothing you help preserve the environment knowing it lowers the carbon footprint.

Not all bamboo clothing is made the same, and you can be sure you buy of quality, with ethical production guaranteed, when you see the clothing complies with the oeko-tex 100 standard, meaning there are no harmful chemicals used in the fibre. And it’s bamboo we’re talking about, the luxury you can afford to love and wear.

Apart from the incomparable softness, no matter whether it’s underwear, shirts, or socks, you can count on breathability, absorption of moisture more than organic cotton, and temperature regulation thanks to the lightweight design and the natural beneficial properties of bamboo. It’s the comfortable clothing ideal for any season, the year-round fashion staple.

Due to the high demand, nowadays the specialised bamboo clothing shops have a great assortment of styles and colours making it difficult to resist. Since it has anti-bacterial properties, you wouldn’t have to worry about unpleasant sweat odours, or colours that fade out after a few washes even though bamboo needs less dye than cotton fibre.

Caring for bamboo clothing isn’t any complicated, but if you want to prolong its durability, it’s best to wash it in cold to warm water, up to 60°C, with a gentle detergent. Forget about using bleach if you want to preserve the softness and natural properties of the fibres. When it comes to drying, sun drying is always better than machine, but as long as you don’t overdo the latter, it’s okay.