Top 10 Most Popular Superfoods you Should be Eating

Sick and tired of preparing meals for hours that provide a little or no nutrition at all? Your overall health, immunity strength, energy level, mood and happiness are a reflection of what you put into your body. It is essential that you fuel your body with the right minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, oil, enzymes, good fats and other nutrients to be in your best shape possible. What you need are just few right superfoods; it is the easiest and quickest way to get some serious nutrients, feel more energetic and even lose weight. Ideal, right?


Bee Pollen is one of the nature’s most completely nourishing superfoods is the bee pollen. The so called “life-giving dust” is the food of young bees and contains 40% protein. It contains a great level of amino acids ready to be directly accumulated by the human body. All the essential components of life are held in this miraculous golden food supplement. Wondering about its benefits? Oh well, the list is endless. It works wonders for weight loss, it is a remedy for allergies and hay fever, stimulates the ovarian function, contributes to good blood composition, inhibits harmful bacteria, etc. Plus, if consumed on a daily basis, it can surely rejuvenate and perfect your skin.

Royal jelly! What to say, all products made of the unstoppable worker honey bees are beneficial to human’s health. So is royal jelly, a milky secretion produced by bees and is fed to all bee larvae. If you are facing an asthma problem, pancreatitis, insomnia, bone fractures or kidney disease then the good news is: royal jelly can save you. You deserve only the best, and the best is contained in this noble natural product.

Manuka Honey is a bee nectar that is collected from the flowers of the wild Manuka trees in New Zealand hills and valleys. This delicious, dark coloured honey contains high antioxidant properties combined with exceptional anti-bacterial healing powers and effective germ killing abilities and this is exactly what makes it so popular worldwide. The recipe for a healthy and happy life is pretty simple – start your day with a positive thought and a spoon of pure life-giving nectar.


The interesting thing about superfoods is that they do not always come from glamorous plants and can be found in rather unimaginable places. A perfect example of this is Spirulina, an amazing superfood which comes from pond algae. It is a nutritious mix of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids which you can use as an irreplaceable ingredient for many meals. For example, add one or two teaspoons of spirulina in your morning smoothie or shake to brighten up your day. You are welcomed.

Do you hate eating fish? In fact, many people do. But if you do not have it as one of the main Omega-3 fatty acids sources on your weekly menu, you must find a good and adequate substitute. Guess what? Flaxseed powder is the stairway to it. What is so easy about it is that it can be combined and mixed with other foods and drinks such as regular water, milk, yogurt, smoothies, shakes, oats, pancakes,pies and many others. So why not try it, you have nothing to lose anyway!

Cacao powder contains flavonoids, which can help with lower blood pressure and can also improve blood flow to the heart and brain. One more reason to love chocolate. This marvelous powder has almost no fat and less than 15 calories per tablespoon. Imagine a cold winter, a snowy atmosphere and you sitting next to the fireplace with a big mug of freshly made cacao drink. What a joy!


Kefir. If you are a yogurt fan then the taste of this ancient drink will surely satisfy your needs. Made from fermented milk and slightly sour, kefir contains a whole range of probiotics which boost the immune system and promote digestive health. Mix it with flaxseed powder for a great energy boost.

Chia seeds. If you were hoping to find a variety of nutrients in a tiny seed to spare you from combining and preparing a variety of foods to digest, your prayers have been heard. Meet Chia seeds, also known as superseeds with high content of omega fatty acids,a proven to be good for your heart, fighting cholesterol and heart disease. Small but powerful, these seeds also boast other nutrients such as: protein, fiber, iron, calcium, minerals, vitamins and many more.

Living in a dynamic world, dealing with a stressful job while sitting in front of the computer for hours can make you a participant in the so-called battle with overweight. Even if you are already facing it, you surely do not want to stay in that condition and are looking for ways to maintain a healthy figure. So why not try to implement Coconut Oil as your daily routine? This tropical trooper comes with a host of healthy benefits and its fatty acids fight body fat by converting it into energy that boosts metabolism. So, the next time you are standing in front of the mirror and see your body has changed for the better, be thankful and give credit to this amazing fat-burning superfood.


Last, but not least – the glorious avocado. Numerous studies have shown that this pear-shaped green peel treasure has powerful beneficial effects on health and is high in healthy fats. If you want 20 different vitamins, minerals and amounts of magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, zinc, all in one place then you are on the right track. Grab a bigger size avocado fruit and face the day with serenity. Have a good one.