Popular Pieces of Jewellery Most Urban Men Would Love to Wear

There’s no doubt that what we wear speaks volumes of who we are and what we want to say to the world and accessories play a big role in all this. When it comes to the urban style, a great portion of creating the cool vibe of this look relies on proper accessorising, especially when it comes to men. That being said, here are some of the most popular pieces of urban jewellery you can see the urban man wearing.



People who want to commit to wearing such a functional piece of jewellery should not settle for one, but try to build up a small collection of reputable watches. This way, if you have a favourite piece, you’ll be able to give it a break occasionally. Classic metal, stainless steel or leather-band are the materials typical of the everyday watch. These usually feature a round face with details like a date window in silver or black colour. Another option for the urban style is the smartwatch whose popularity is huge nowadays and it looks great for casual events. A simple rule to follow as to make the best out of your collection is to go for a watch with a lighter coloured face (such as white or cream) during daytime and focus on darker ones (such as black, grey or browns) at night.



A bracelet can be either decorative or cause-related. The urban rule of thumb is to avoid anything oversized or with charms and pendants. Instead, opt for something that won’t overpower the outfit, for example, a metal bangle or a simple bracelet made of leather in a single band or a double wrap. Another great choice is a bracelet with a story like the Pig and Hen bracelets made with authentic Dutch ship rope which makes them stronger than steel ones, with the idea to last a lifetime. This popular urban jewellery item can give an urban touch to your whole outfit without overdoing it.



When it comes to necklaces, yet again, simplicity is the best guideline to follow. A simple gold or silver chain in a medium width, that is neither too thick nor too thin is the ideal amount of metal around the neck. It looks effortlessly cool paired with a t-shirt and it can be tucked under the shirt when you are not in a low-key environment. Necklaces can have a sentimental value especially if it has a tag that carries a personal story.



Apart from the wedding band which is worn to show commitment, rings come in a wide of variety of forms and you should carefully choose the right one so as not to look ridiculous. One single-band ring in silver or gold or two-tone colourway with a simple design looks best when in a corporative environment. You can go for a stacked style which is three or more rings on one finger or spread on multiple fingers in casual settings but only if you are confident enough to pull it off and give off a Johny Depp vibe.