Valid Reasons That Support the Popularity of Wooden Toys

The minute you find out you’re about to become a parent, your life and thinking start to drastically change. The fact that you’re about to assume the responsibility of caring for another human being, makes you re-think every decision and every step you take. There’s no room for mistakes. Everything, from the food your baby eats to its nursery, just has to be perfect! And toys are also a part of that long list of worries.

wooden bath toys

I have noticed that in the past couple of years, wooden toys have become quite trending. And no, nostalgia and wanting to return to traditional values are not the main reasons wooden toys are so popular. In fact, the popularity of these toys made of natural materials is due to the fact that more and more parents have come to realize the dangers some mass produced toys have.

The unfortunate and frightening reality is that many rubber and plastic toys are not only easily detachable but also contain a number of harmful chemicals such as BPA and PVC. BPA has been found to cause endocrine imbalance, whereas PVC is known to contain carcinogens and phthalates. Rubber bath toys for toddlers are particularly dangerous, as the chemicals they contain can easily be diluted into the water and come into direct contact with the child.

While as parents we can’t control everything our children are exposed to on a daily basis, we can significantly reduce the presence of toxins in their immediate environment just by opting for natural and healthy alternatives, such as wooden bath toys for toddlers. Toys made of solid, unfinished wood are 100% eco-friendly and contain no PVC, PETE, BPA, and other chemicals considered to be toxic.

wooden bath toy

What’s more, wooden toys can prove to be a durable investment and a cherished family heirloom that gets passed on from one sibling to another. Not only are they hard to break and can last longer, but you also won’t have to worry about any small parts that can chip off, which is not the case with plastic toys.

Wooden toys are also great when it comes to encouraging creativity. Unlike rubber and plastic toys, they don’t tend to light up, make sounds or move, which motivates kids to engage in creative play. The simplistic design of wooden toys does not overstimulate children and can actually help them maintain their focus. Their only downside is that they can’t be used as teething toys as wood is too hard. In this case, opt for other toys made of natural materials that are more teeth-friendly, such as organic and untreated cotton or bamboo.