Industrial Automation Devices: Most Popular Trends

Trends are always changing as new inventions are constantly being introduced to industries. This influence is one of the ways through which an industry improves. When it comes to the industry of automation devices, changes usually mean improvements regarding the manufacturing systems. If you are an employee or employer in this industry, then knowing what the current trends for industrial automation devices are might prepare you better for what changes may be coming your way tomorrow. Below we’ll go over a few of the most notable ones that are consuming this industry today.

DC power is a trend that is slowly turning into a front runner for automation devices. It is beating AC power out because it offers bigger advantages when it comes to lower costs and efficiency due to its high voltage transmission lines. Many systems such as VFDs, computer hardwired and others have AC power internally converted into DC power. This has been a great force in in-plant distribution systems and server farms as most of them have started using DC instead of AC.


Industrial robots have also been a growing trend – one that has not been taken from the commercial world. This has come from the industrial world by using industrial robots to perform a wide variety of tasks. This is perfect for today’s demand when it comes to manufacturing. It minimizes human error and interaction which is great for safety and productivity.

Wireless is not a new trend, but it is a novelty when it comes to the industrial world and its newly attained place within it. We all know wireless is used to access remote devices, but the current trend is to use wireless data transmissions from sensors for system control. This is definitely due to the lower cost, cheaper installation and low maintenance requirements as there are no wires that need to be constantly checked and repaired. The proof is in the demand, a couple of years ago there was virtually none as compared to today. The rate of this is only set to rise in the foreseeable future.

Grid computing and virtualization has only become better as the PC has become more powerful. Virtualization has given us a way to use these resources by running multiple operating systems on a single PC. One of these applications that runs on a multiple server levels is I/O, database, and SCADA onto fewer PC’s. This is one way to save money as you don’t need as many computers plus you have incredibly reliable working net.

Learning online has become a key factor in companies. Most companies rely on their employees and their personal desire to learn and grow on their own time and they can achieve this by turning to the internet for knowledge and training. Many websites have responded to this demand with online courses available through videos, e-books, and much more. This is very convenient as employees can learn comfortably and at their own pace.

Online research and purchasing have long replaced distributors who came to your workplace with brochures and pricing information. Many manufacturers now prefer to find products and equipment they need through the internet and have it delivered at their doorstep. There are many websites available that are always promoting new products.

Multi-touch started out commercially and has made its way into automation devices. The speed, power, and flexibility of this cannot be beaten. After the world has adjusted to smart-phones and touch technology, there is no going back to the old. Manufacturers and suppliers are responding to the need by incorporating multi-touch technology into their products. This includes SCADA and PC software programs that have multi-touch incorporated into them.

After reading about all the current and latest trends regarding automation devices and this industry, maybe you as an employee can inform you supervisor or if you are an employer yourself you can start incorporating some of these trends into your working environment. There is a reason why these trends have taken over, they offer benefits that most of us have never seen before, so why not get started today.