Popular Flooring: Vinyl Tiles for a Modern, Easy to Clean & Affordable Kitchen

If you are remodeling your kitchen (whether building a new one at your home or your business), when you get to the floor, look no further than vinyl tiles.

Vinyl floors are coming back and taking over. They have been here for years now, but with the technological advancements, they are becoming more durable and more appealing, and consequently more and more popular. With vinyl flooring, your floor can have the look you desire – cheaper, faster, and without a hassle.

Why is Vinyl a Good Choice for Your Kitchen Floor?


Whether for commercial, office or home kitchen, flooring quality is important not only because it greatly affects the overall look, but more importantly, because it has to endure so much. However, building or renovating a kitchen is an expensive affair, and flooring is a big part of the cost.

When you compare vinyl kitchen floor tiles to ceramic tiles or hardwood, it’s undoubtedly much kinder to your budget. On top of that, being as durable, able to withstand all sorts of possible damages, long-lasting, as well as easy to clean, vinyl is very cost effective.

kitchen vinyl flooring

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Who doesn’t want their kitchen to be stylish? Image glancing at your oven, and seeing the perfect image of your dream kitchen, or a kitchen that adds to the aesthetics and positive vibes in your office. These are great reasons to consider vinyl tiles for your kitchen, since when it comes to style, flooring is as vital as the cabinets, the aisle or the taps.

Vinyl flooring comes in any style you can think of. On the top layer of the vinyl tile is a photography, mimicking ceramic tiles, marble, stone, concrete or hardwood floor perfectly. In other words, with vinyl tiles, your kitchen floor can have any appearance you might want. Additionally, if you are someone who wants to redecorate often, vinyl is the best choice, since besides coming in many styles, it’s easy to install and remove.

Easily Maintainable

Vinyl kitchen floor tiles will make your cleaning less time consuming. Kitchens are messy. It’s where you keep your food, your beverages, your snacks, your coffee, so there is no doubt it will be visited frequently. It’s also where you cook and often where you eat, so it will be stained constantly.

Sure, like any other, your vinyl floor will get stained, but cleaning  stains off of it is painless, and can be very cheap. Simple cleaning solutions with products you probably have at home anyway, such as vinegar, baking soda or rubbing alcohol, will make your floor spotless and good as new in no time.

modern kitchen with white and metal elements and vinyl flooring

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Durable, resistant and persistent

As far as kitchens go, the flooring must be able to withstand stains, water, heat, dropped heavy objects, scratches, constant high foot traffic. Vinyl kitchen flooring will provide all of this and so much more.

Hardwood can be water damaged, scratched and stained, and ceramic tiles can be broken and stained, and hard to clean. This is not to say that vinyl floor is indestructible, but with simple proper care and cleaning, it will keep its original shine and will last you for a long time. This also makes it the perfect choice for parents of toddlers, and for pet owners.


Due to the materials used in the production  of the vinyl tiles, they are wormer then ceramic tiles or wood, as well as softer on your feet, which makes them comfortable for walking.


Floors can be slippery, and even more so in a room where there is high probability of spilling water, other liquids or grease. Of course, no floor is completely safe from slipping, but slipping on a vinyl floor is less likely. This is very helpful for a busy kitchen in a restaurant, and for your home kitchen, it will give you some extra safety.

women sitting on a chair and little girl sitting on the floor

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If you are a parent of toddlers, you know how much the little ones tend to fall. Being the least slippery one, vinyl flooring may prevent at least some of the falls. For the rest of the falls in the house, there is the padding inside the vinyl tiles. In addition to making this type of floor comfortable for walking, this will soften the blow from the falls and will protect your child from injuries.

Fast and uncomplicated installation

Investing in vinyl tiles for your kitchen’s floor also guaranties that you will have your kitchen ready for use in a flash. They are easy to install, which also makes them a popular choice for people who love do-it-yourself projects. Unlike other flooring, installing vinyl tiles doesn’t require removal of the previous one. So, on top of everything else, you will have your flooring without the otherwise unavoidable dust and rubble.


Worrying about the planet’s wellbeing should be on our mind in every aspect of our lives. When you’re buying vinyl floor, find out how your floor has been made. Some vinyl flooring manufacturers are environmentally conscious, minimising their impact to the environment. And, most importantly, their vinyl floors are 100% recyclable.