How to Choose Stylish & Functional Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

Outdoor kitchens and entertaining spaces have become very popular over the past few years, replacing the old fashion charcoal grill with high-end ovens and outdoor decor accessories that provide an ultimately enjoyable experience to the owners (and their friends). Being much more than a place to cook, outdoor kitchens need to be functional and stylish. Therefore, choosing the right layout and design is fundamental.

The outdoor kitchen drawers are obviously going to be the star of the show. They can tie the whole design together and complement the surroundings while offering additional storage space for your cooking utensils and whatnot. However, kitchen drawers for outdoor use are way different from standard drawers as they need to be made from materials that withstand varying weather elements like rain, sun and humidity very well. They also serve as storage for various house appliances and are a hiding place for necessary electrical equipment.

As with choosing the right outdoor furniture for your patio, you need to consider many things when it comes to choosing the right outdoor drawers for kitchen. Here is what to consider when making your decision.

Outdoor kitchens stainless Steel
outdoor stainless drawers
outdoor kitchen drawers


The most common material for kitchen outdoor drawers is stainless steel. The popularity of stainless steel has steadily risen due to its professional high-end kitchen look and wow-factor. It also has a long life span and requires minimal maintenance (while being very easy to clean). In addition, stainless steel provides a luxurious touch and creates a sleek, urban appeal to your dream-come-true kitchen.

That being said, investing in durable outdoor stainless drawers will ensure that anything you store inside will stay safe from the elements. Stainless steel outdoor drawers can be used on their own or with the other modules to create a stunning layout. They can come in powder coat finishes that provide a range of colours, like the mimic of wood, textured stone and metal, sea glass etc.

Benchtops can be made from a variety of material as well, granite being one of the most durable. Its natural beauty fits into any kitchen style and is very eye-popping. Stainless steel drawers without a powder finish coating might show fingertips, oils or birds residue, so you need to perform light maintenance in order to keep it smudge-free.

Other popular materials for outdoor kitchen drawers are polymer, wood, stone, brick or stucco. The polymer is a plastic that doesn’t rust, it also resists fading and is easily cleaned. Polymer drawers have pretty limited colour options, and if you have environmental concerns, you should know that it’s definitely not the most eco-friendly option on the market.

Not all wood is suitable for outdoor storage drawers, though. Varieties such as teak, cedar and walnut are more appropriate for outdoor use. However, certain factors, such as direct sunlight may cause fading and if you live in a harsh climate, wood might fail too quickly.

outdoor kitchen drawers

Features & Design

Most kitchen drawer solutions, including outdoor stainless drawers, come with a variety of options that serve different functions. Most drawer sets come with multiple drawers, handles, slides, gutters etc. Handles can typically be changed to match the style of your outdoor kitchen, but make sure you’re not compromising the integrity of the drawer in case you want to change hardware.

Some brands offer complete drawer kits for outdoor kitchens – from basic 4-drawer island storage to premium packages with all of the drawers, cabinets, and even appliances you’ll need to arrange your outdoor kitchen. When you’re looking for drawers to fit into your outdoor kitchen, look for models that have weather-tight rain gutters. These gutters protect from rain and humidity better than standard options. Pay attention to the weight a drawer is meant to handle, and think about what kitchen appliances you want to store in your outdoor kitchen.

Kitchen drawers for outdoor use go well beyond standard kitchen storage in a number of ways. Many drawers are designed to hide things like trashcans, ice coolers, warming trays, paper towel rods and protect propane tanks, for instance. For extra flexibility and style, drawers can be hidden behind cabinet doors. One of the great benefits of a drawer compared to the cabinet is that you only need to pull the contents toward you rather than reaching in to access what you need.

When it comes to kitchens, many people face (and complain about) a lack of storage space. That’s why you can choose a mix of deep and shallow drawers and get a variety of uses. This way, you’ll avoid unused space and areas where things can get lost. Choosing the right drawers will provide a better overall performance of your outdoor entertaining space.

Designing a functional outdoor kitchen requires a lot of planning. You need to make many important decisions about the style and appliances you’ll like to have. As long as you make it a proper outdoor room and include as many amenities as your budget and space allow you – comfortable seating, some LED wall lights, outdoor heating, side tables, music – you (and your guests) will get the best experience possible.