Riesling: The Most Popular White Wine Variety

As a passionate oenophile, I love all wines, reds and whites. They all have their own trademark that makes them special, and some are always better than others as a result of the different conditions of growing the grapes and making the wine. In this article, I’m going to talk about one particularly good thing, a Riesling variety from the Donnhoff region in Germany, something I tasted recently on my wine trip to Germany, the home of the Riesling grape.

I was surprised to find out how little people know about this white wine, considering the amazing taste it has. I come to think that out of all white wines, Riesling variety is probably one of the most misunderstood grapes, mainly because Germans have done so little to promote it. It was not until recently that the Riesling variety has become most wanted among sommeliers and connoisseurs.


So, what is it about Riesling that makes it so mysteriously famous?

The first thing to know about Riesling is that it is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a very wide choice of foods. The German chef at the restaurant I ate, paired their Donnhoff variety with a wide palette of sweet and savory foods. The combination that blew my mind was grilled sirloin (a dish that instantly asks for red wine) and white Riesling wine. Noticing the surprise in my eyes, the chef kindly elaborated on the capability of Riesling’s acidity to pair with the grilled protein and reduce the wine’s sweetness. “It’s like that, Riesling knows how to flirt with the food, and that’s why we chefs, love it so much.” A match made in Heaven, if I may add.

The variety we tasted was the Donnhoff Estate Riesling Dry 2011. When the wild perfume made of apple, pear, melon and stone fruit backed by leesy and funky nuances reaches your smelling senses, you will find yourself on a journey to a confusing, magical place that screams minerality and terroir. And once you take the first sip and sense the luscious presence of peach leaning towards a citrusy finish, you know you are about to witness that sweetness being trimmed by the wave of acidity and texture. Sounds quite like a fairytale doesn’t it? Well, it sure tastes like one.

The Donnhoff variety is just one example of the luxurious taste Riesling wines offer. Having in mind the influence terroir and manner of producing have over the quality of the wine, you can surely expect to try some amazing samples. So, is your next popped cork going to be from a Riesling bottle? Mine sure will.