How to Choose a Dog Crate

No matter whether you’re furnishing your home for a new puppy or you just need some new essentials for your dog, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right items. For the arrival of a new pup, you need to consider many things, like whether or not you need to install pet doors, where the dog will sleep, and what kind of bed to choose.

You should do everything to make them feel comfortable and loved, and that includes providing a space that’ll be just theirs. Dog owners know how important it is to let their furry friends rest in a safe enclosure where they won’t be disturbed. This is why dog crates are an essential part of taking care of your puppy’s well-being.

dog crate black and beige


Various Types of Dog Crates to Choose from

Crates can be found in a variety of designs, materials, shapes, and sizes. It all depends on your or your dog’s preference, and its size, of course. Typically, you can choose between wooden, plastic, and metal dog crates.

Wooden Dog Crates: Bring Aesthetics to Your Home

Many owners decide to go for wood when choosing a dog crate. They have many benefits that make them a desirable choice and you can easily find a gorgeous indoor wooden dog crate for your home.

dog crate with two doors for two dogs


They’re durable – This makes them fit for indoor and outdoor use because they can withstand all kinds of weather. They won’t rust or stain like the other materials and are built to last. Also, their sturdy design doesn’t allow easy breakage under the slightest pressure.

They’re suitable for any home décor – Since our homes contain furniture pieces made of wood, a wooden crate fits in perfectly. You can match it in colour and the type of wood to the other items in the room and make it a part of the décor. Moreover, wooden dog crates are versatile, so you can use the top part as a side table or other piece of furniture. They can be customised and painted over if you want to redecorate.

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They’re cosy – Wood is a natural material that creates a sense of warmth and cosiness unmatched by other materials. Some dogs adjust more easily to wooden crates and prefer them over metal ones. And when dogs love something, they aren’t hesitant to use it so you won’t have any problem crate training them. Also, wood doesn’t get too hot or too cold, which means your pup will feel comfortable all the time.

They’re secure – A wooden dog cage is built to be tough and its door can’t be easily opened. This can make your puppy feel safe, especially during transportation. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry that your dog will get out whenever you need him/her to be in the crate.

For a long-lasting crate, you need to take good care of it. Wooden crates are coated with polish and moisture-resistant paint but make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean them.

Plastic Dog Crates: Portability Comes First

Plastic crates are the most lightweight option. They’re affordable and come in numerous colours and different sizes. Most of these plastic crates are more private because, although they have holes through which your pup can see, the view is limited. This gives more privacy to the dog and limits outside distractions. This is beneficial for dogs who like to spend more time alone but not really for those who don’t want to be left alone because it can make them feel anxious.

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The biggest advantage of this crate over a metal or a timber dog crate is that it’s approved by most airlines to be taken on a plane.

Metal Dog Crates: Don’t Compromise on Durability

We all know what a typical wire or metal crate looks like. They’re the most suitable for larger breeds because they can be found in bigger sizes. Metal is a tough material that doesn’t break easily and provides a great amount of airflow. This also enables dogs to see everything around them and allows you to see your dog. They’re usually heavy to be easily transported but most of them are foldable.

metal and wooden dog crate


The one disadvantage is that they can be hard to incorporate into your home décor. Unlike an indoor wooden dog crate that can complement any décor style, a metal crate can’t be customised to blend in. You can make them more inviting and pleasant for your pup by adding a dog bed or some toys.

How to Choose the Right Crate for Your Dog

Since dog crates are so versatile, it’s overwhelming to consider all the possible options. To make this easier for yourself, make a list of the things that are a priority to you or your puppy so you know what to look for.

First, you should consider your dog’s size and personality. Dogs need to be able to move freely and sleep comfortably in the crate. It shouldn’t be too small because dogs need a proper rest. Also, if you’re using the crate as a space for playing or eating, you should go even bigger in size. If you’re buying for a puppy, consider how much it’s going to grow so you don’t have to buy a new crate after several months. Some dogs tend to chew or scratch things. In this case, it’s better to steer clear of plastic crates because they’re unlikely to withstand constant chewing or scratching.

three dogs in a three door dog crate


Second, you need to take into account the location where you’re going to put the crate. Avoid high-traffic areas because they’re too loud and disturbing for dogs who want to rest. Plus, the crate would be in the way. Choose a secluded place that’ll allow enough privacy but isn’t isolated. That can be some corner in the room or outside on the porch. This is also important for the material of the crate. If you want an outside crate, you should look for durable enclosures that can take a lot.