Here’s Why Floor Play Is So Important for Your Baby

Mother playing with baby on the floor


Floor play is not only fun, but it is very crucial for children’s development. This is why it is important to choose the floor in your nursery carefully, as well as find ways to encourage your child to spend time on their tummy, playing and learning new skills.

New parents have tonnes and tonnes of decisions to make even before their child is born. From the name of the baby, the essentials and other baby products, the colour of the nursery, the wall coverings, the floor solution, and so many more, everything is important, everything will affect their child’s life. All of this can become so overwhelming. And after they are born and as they grow, their needs seem to grow with them. Thankfully, there is an abundance of literature to help us through it, as well as endless choices of products to make everything easier and safer.

Why Should Your Child Play on the Floor?

Baby play mat


Many of the things that we purchase for our kids are designed to help them develop physically and mentally. However, you might be surprised about all the things that you can use to encourage your child’s development, including even the nursery’s walls and floors. So, not only the products you buy for them, but everything is fair game, and everything can play the role of developmental aid.

Your baby will use the objects, their visual appearance, the sounds, the smells near them to discover the big new world that surrounds them, their own bodies, their capabilities, and so on. For instance, because babies don’t see as well as us, bright colours on the walls or colourful shapes on a light background will attract their attention, so they will use them to learn how to focus. So, you can take advantage of that, by getting a fun kid’s wallpaper design to help your child develop their vision.

It is the same with your floors. Since it’s really important to let your child play on the floor, to take advantage of this, and help them reap all the benefits, you can get baby products that can encourage them. This can be hard because not all babies will immediately enjoy this. Luckily, you can find baby play mats designed just for this.

Why Should You Get a Baby Play Mat?

Play mat


As the baby grows, she or he will become more and more active as the days go by. As they discover more things, their curiosity, their instinct for learning, their need for stimulation will grow, and they will keep challenging themselves to test their limits, learn about their body, their senses, other people, and the world. Designer baby play mats take advantage of all of this. These simple products essentially work in a similar way to interactive and educative toys. They are designed not only to be fun and interesting to your little one, but also to engage them, and to provoke their curiosity and challenge them – and as result, boost their mental and physical development.

Play mats for kids feature different shapes, colours and patterns, some have handles, some have objects attached to them, etc. All of those things will help your child try and eventually learn to move around, roll, and crawl towards the colourful designs and objects. Moreover, it will provoke them to try to reach for things, and eventually learn how to grab, squeeze, pull, kick, and so on.

Why Should You Install Vinyl Flooring?

Little girl sitting on vinyl flooring


One concern for parents in terms of floor play is safety. This is why it is very important to be wise about the choice of the floor in the nursery. And it is also the main reason why many parents choose a vinyl floor. Think about how much time your little one will spend on the floor during the first years of their life. And most of that time even before they master their physical skills. With your child’s curiosity and desire to learn about the world and themselves, as well as overcome obstacles, come many opportunities for falls, slips, bumps, stumbles, and other potentially dangerous situations.

Vinyl floors are one of the safest flooring solutions. In fact, they are considered to be a kid-friendly option. Namely, vinyl tiles, planks or sheets are made out of several layers, and somewhere in the middle there is padding, which will provide cushioning as they are lying on the floor and moving around, and as they are learning to crawl and eventually walk, and, even more importantly it will soften the blow of any potential fall.

They are also one of the least slippery flooring options, which will also protect your child from falls. Another thing that makes vinyl floors kids friendly, and also suitable for nurseries and kid’s rooms, is that it is highly stain-resistant, as well as water-resistant. Moreover, a vinyl floor isn’t easy to scratch.

One more thing that makes vinyl floors alluring for many homeowners around the world, is that they are easy to clean. This also makes them ideal for your baby’s floor play, because you wouldn’t have to be concerned about any spills and other accidents, as you might be if you were using carpets or some other types of floorings. They are also very easy to install, and can even be installed without removing the previous flooring, which is great if you are turning a room with other types of floors into a nursery.