The Most Popular Types of Carton Sealing Machines

With all the technological advancements nowadays it’s hard to keep up with everything happening in today’s fast-paced world. Systems and machines are being replaced or updated all the time and amidst all that, businesses are looking for ways to run more efficiently. This is where automation comes into play, and its role is to keep everything going smoothly. Automating processes and making even the smallest of actions operated by a non-stop working machine can help save you time and money.


By automating even certain processes, you can focus your workforce on parts of your company that can’t be automated yet. A big part of automation nowadays is packing and shipping packages which is a multi-billion dollar business, especially since the start of COVID. This is where a carton sealing machine can make all the difference.

What Are the Advantages of Sealing Machine?


While workers can output a certain number of packages, that number can easily increase by automating the whole process. A major benefit of carton sealing machines is that they can output a continuous number of packages daily within a hitch. With workers, this isn’t the case as some days, your workforce will be less productive than other days.



When packing items and packaging them there is quite a bit of downtime between the time it takes for items to get from their storage location to the pallet before getting shipped. This, of course, isn’t the case with a carton sealing machine or case sealers. Case sealers are always at work, and they package items much faster than a pair of hands can. This also means there’s no need for breaks, so you can run your facility 24/7 with a carton sealer machine. 


Although this is a machine, it is actually a lot safer than a worker doing the same thing. The chances of something going wrong are far lower and even if something does, today’s case sealers are made so that they let you know and stop as soon as possible to prevent damage.


You might think that purchasing a new type of machine for your facility is not as economical as having workers do the same task, but that’s not the case. While you pay more upfront, once you have a carton sealer up and running you will save a lot on both time and money while being able to redirect your existing expenses towards the improvement of other sectors.

Types of Carton Sealing Machines

Semi-Automatic Fixed Format

Like there are different parts of a manufacturing process there are different types of carton sealing machines. The first ones you’ll come across are semi-automatic fixed-format sealing machines. These case sealers are meant to be used for operations that require the packing of a large number of items of the same size. If your facility works mostly with standard size boxes, then either a fixed-format or a uniform case sealing machine can be a good option. Semi-Automatic Fixed Format machines seal boxes starting from the top and work their way down to the bottom.


Semi-Automatic Random Size

With a semi-automatic random size case sealer, you get more versatility. Why? Because this type of case sealing machine is capable of wrapping up items with varying dimensions. No matter how many items and sizes you’re working with, a semi-automatic random size case sealer will take care of each and every item. 

Automatic Fixed Format

A fixed format automatic carton sealing machine is going to be a great option if your facility is required to output high volume loads regularly. This is especially beneficial if you need to do this quickly and effortlessly, since an automatic fixed format machine is the fastest and also the most efficient carton sealer when it comes to packing items with the same dimensions.


Automatic Self-Sealing

If you want to enjoy the speediness of sealing items with varying dimensions at a large scale, then you should consider getting an automatic self-sealing machine. This type of automatic carton sealing machine is able to handle large outputs without much downtime, and you don’t even have to worry about sorting items before they go into the machine. An automatic self-sealing machine will ensure a quick and efficient sealing method with high volume loads.


Sealing is an important part when it comes to shipping products as it ensures product safety no matter where you’re sending your product to. While a worker is a more tried and true way of having packages sealed, a machine provides a more efficient and safer method. So, what path do you want to take when it comes to automating a process that is such a big part of your business? Sealing machines are great for businesses of all sizes, and there are types of machines suitable for every business out there.