Grader Attachment Is The Most Popular Tractor Implement

The tractor is a piece of heavy machinery that is designed to complete a variety of tasks in different industries. There are different types of tractors which are used for different applications, but there is also a wide range of tractor attachments which increase their versatility and operational efficiency. In general, the tractor is used for agricultural, construction and excavating applications. But you surely don’t know that the tractor can also be used for grading when equipped with a grader attachments.grader-attachments

A tractor grader attachment is a popular tractor implement that allows the tractor to grade surfaces with incredible accuracy and control. Tractors with capacity ranging from 55 to 70 horsepower are capable to use a grading attachments for completing grading tasks. A tractor equipped with a grader attachment is suitable for road construction, railways, leveling surfaces and other grading applications. It can be a perfect tool when an operator needs a grading machine, but cannot afford to buy one. This makes the grader attachment a very cost-efficient solution.

Designed to deliver high performance, the grader attachments are a handy grading tool that can be efficient even for delicate and complex tasks. The most suitable applications for the grader attachment are cutting asphalt, curb, gutter, concrete, and many other landscaping jobs. What makes this attachment so popular, is the precision and control that is provided.

In order to be efficient for the most demanding grading tasks, the tractor grader implement features a 2.1-m-long rotating blade and rigid hoses with very high pressure. Made from high-quality steel, the rotating blade is built to last, so the operators can expect a long and productive lifespan. Its hydraulic cylinder is designed to provide both low and high pressure, according to the requirements of the application. Usually, the tractor grader attachment is operated by a hydro control value which is equipped with rigid bearings and a hub.

To provide efficient grading with minimized effect of uneven ground, the grader attachments usually oscillates from 12 to 15 degrees to one side, either left or right. The blade can move in 6 different ways, providing the operators an increased flexibility.