Fashion is Ephemeral, Class is Not: White & Black Wallpapers are Still Hot

When arranging our home we always strive to make it comfortable, functional and trendy. Speaking of trendy, wallpapers with bold splashes of colour have become a quite popular choice in the past few years with homeowners willing to add bright hues and give their homes more personality. However, the truth is, trends come and go and you should certainly not base your whole interior design scheme on a colour that designers claim to be the hottest one that particular season. You want your home to scream timeless elegance as it will be you who will be spending most of your time in it.

Nevertheless, there are colours that never go out of fashion, colours that only add sophistication and elegance to your interior. Yes, you’ve guessed it – the classic beauty of white and black wallpaper. These wallpapers can make any room in your home chic and sophisticated, while spicing up the interior. Here’s how to make the most out of your space with these wallpapers to transform your home from ordinary to trendy.




From their invention until today, wallpapers have proven to be one of the most powerful tools for transforming a room giving it a whole new look. If you are looking for something sophisticated and stylish, you can use white and black wallpaper to add personality to your space without breaking the colour scheme you already have in the room.

If you are having doubts about covering all the walls in the room with a white and black wallpaper, you can customize a single wall using a mural. However, consider the size of the room – if the room is small, covering all walls is a better choice as this will cut down the visual fragmentation of the space. On the other hand, an accent wall will work better in larger spaces.

Lighting it up right

Lighting plays a very important role in how a room will feel and look like. Even if you do not choose black and white and use some other colour scheme, poor lighting can make the room look dark and dreary, especially if it is small in size. Once you decorate with black and white wallpaper or use any other piece in these colours, a sparkling chandelier is the type of lighting source I’d recommend you consider. The chandelier along with clever ambient lighting is the perfect choice for a room decorated in black and white. A sparkling chandelier will provide the room with glamour while bringing a sense of luxury without changing the colour scheme.

A pop of colour

Although you may have decorated your room in black and white, a few details here and there in another colour can bring the décor scheme to a superior level. For instance, choose your sofa pillows or rugs in a colour other than black or white to give the room a different vibe. Gold is considered as a colour that perfectly fits this classic duo, but this does not mean you need to stick to it. You can use any other colour that reflects your style and personality. Think red, pink, navy blue or even yellow. The sky is the limit.

Balance with gray

In some cases when decorating with white and black wallpaper, finding the right balance can be a tricky mission. Fortunately, the variety of shades of gray can come very useful in such situations. According to interior designers, gray is the hottest neutral colour of this decade whose popularity seems to be eternal. A room that embraces the white and black along with the many shades of gray gives the space both a timeless and trendy feel.