Engagement Party Planning: Solving Popular Dilemmas

So you finally have that bling-bling thing on your hand. Kudos to you. Now that you have the ring on the hand, it’s about time to start planning the engagement party. Since this party may be the first time when you gather the families from both sides, making it a memorable one is understandable. You can start by following the most important etiquette rules that can certainly help you create a party that will be remembered.

Decide on the Number of Guests

Usually, engagement parties are way smaller than the wedding itself as only the closest family members and friends are invited. This is important as the guests from both sides can get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

Decide on the Place

Depending on how many guests you plan to invite, you can throw your engagement party at home or in some fancy restaurant or at the beach. Just like when it comes to deciding on the wedding venue, the place you choose for your engagement party match the level of the party’s formality. For instance, the beach, your backyard or the local park are great spots for casual engagement parties. Hotel rooftops, restaurants and country clubs, on the other hand, are more suited for a formal dress code and décor.

Decide on the Décor

An important thing to have in mind is that you’ll also have a wedding, so make sure to create a balance and not upstage the actual wedding party. In other words, keep things simple and try not to overdo the decoration. Regardless of the space you choose, nothing can perk up the setting like paper lanterns and fresh flowers. You can place small floral arrangements here and there and on the tables, if the party takes place in a restaurant. Candles can always add a touch of romance and luxury to a party like this, so make sure you add some of that charm. You can benefit a lot by buying them in bulk party supplies as the prices are more affordable that way.

For those who plan to throw the party in the open, hanging clear glass candle holders can create a romantic ambience. You can also invest in some other wholesale party supplies like floating paper lanterns that can be placed both on the ground and on water. The sight of hundreds lit floating lanterns can make for unforgettable and magical memories. In case you were wondering where can I buy wholesale party supplies, the best answer is online. The ideal way to shop for wholesale party supplies is to visit a trusted online supplier that can provide you with all kinds of supplies and party decorations. That way, you’ll be able to compare different products and their prices quicky and save time.

Who Will Host the Party?

Now that you have everything ready regarding the place and party décor, it’s time to think about the party hosts. Traditionally, the hosts of such parties are the bride’s and groom’s parents, however, nowadays it could be anyone close to you. The hosting duties usually include sending the party invitations, welcoming the guests and making a toast.


Source: Brides.com

Think about the Menu

Engagement parties should be different than weddings which means you can completely skip the five-course-sit-down dinner. Instead, you can have an open bar (if you want to) and something to munch and sip on at the party. Tasting menu stations and appetizers are also an option, as well as seasonal foods and mini sandwiches. Just make sure you don’t forget about the dessert, as no party is complete without it. There are many types of food and drinks to serve at your party, you just need to go carefully over all of the options to make the right choice.

What to Wear to the Party?

Just like with the décor, make sure you don’t outdo your wedding look. Keep things simple and wear something appropriate for the party. Even if you throw an engagement party in a restaurant, wearing a simple yet elegant dress would be enough. Make sure you wear something appropriate yet comfortable as you’ll be taking tons of pictures with the guests. Regarding the colour of the outfit, there are no restrictions. You can always stick to the pure white or ivory colour, but you can also stand out by wearing a different one like rose gold, red, yellow, emerald, etc. The choice is yours.


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Think about the Music

The last but not least thing you need to take into account is the music. Although having a band or a DJ to play on the party is an option, you can always stick to playing music on your laptop. Just make sure you have the complete playlist and the right speakers/electrical outlet setup for your party.