Polo Shirts: A Timeless Fashion Item for Men and Women

When it comes to timeless fashion pieces, our minds usually run to things like jeans, an evergreen item in everyone’s closet since their invention in 1873, or the classic white shirt, which can be found virtually everywhere, from a casual setting to a high-end dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Still, there are many other, not-so-immediately-obvious choices, that also represent timeless fashion items with a dose of diversity and style that can fit various occasions and look good on everyone, both men and women alike.

Polo Shirt

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One such item that falls under this category is the polo shirt. Classic, yet always up to date when it comes to style, polo shirts are something everyone needs to have in their closet, from the smallest of children to grown adults and even the elderly. That’s how you know an item is truly timeless – when it can look good on any body shape and at any age.

Let’s see exactly why this clothing item is deserving of its evergreen status and why you should definitely consider buying stylish and practical polo shirts for yourself.

A Diverse Range of Styles to Choose From

A polo shirt isn’t your ordinary clothing item. In fact, that classic cut is the only thing that’s been truly consistent between 1920 and today, the entirety of the existence of the polo shirt itself. Everything else has been changing and evolving as fashion has, making sure the polo shirt stays at the top of the clothing pyramid at all times.

You can buy polo shirts for men and women at many clothing stores nowadays as many different brands include the item in their collections. This diversity in brands also means diversity in styles, prints, colour, and more.

Polo Shirt

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You have your classic white polos which are most definitely the very original item that started the craze and should always find a way into your wardrobe and everyday clothing combinations, but you can also experiment with other colours to create unique looks for yourself.

Polos come in virtually every colour of the rainbow nowadays, so you really have space to express yourself through them without losing that sense of class they always offer. However, you can also go with a patterned polo shirt for a look with a bit more pizzazz, a look that will do well at a casual brunch with friends or at a corporate, business-casual event or setting alike.

Gives You the Ability to Build Diverse Combinations for All Occasions

We scratched the surface of the potential of the polo shirt to be incorporated within different clothing ensembles in the paragraph above, but now it’s time to really dive into this side of polos and see exactly what you can do with this timeless shirt.

As I said, different styles, colours, and patterns of polos allow you to really express yourself through your clothes without losing a bit of the fancy polos provide. However, what do you pair a polo shirt with to make sure their purpose stays intact? Well, I have some tips regarding that.

Polo Shirts

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First thing’s first, polos go amazingly well with shorts and this is a fact that has always been true. Denim shorts, cotton shorts, certain types of cargo shorts, pants-like shorts – they will all enrich the polo shirt and give it a bit more to work with.

Perfect for the summer, this is a combination you can always count on. Throw on a watch, a nice pair of casual shoes, and a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to seize the day (and runway).

They also go well with long pants and jeans, but you should be a bit more careful when pairing a polo shirt like this. Usually worn in colder months, a cardigan or sweater above the polo will work great, give off a bit of an aristocratic look, and will also make you feel snug and comfortable.

Women can also style polos like this, or they can wear them with a skirt or over a dress for an interesting and layered look. Additions like jewellery, cardigans, bags, hats, glasses, and more will always round up the look and make you feel (and look) excellent! Your choice of shoes should always follow the vibe the rest of the outfit gives off.

Diverse Sizing to Suit All Bodies

As I said before, a polo shirt is a timeless, unisex item that knows no age, and this is partly thanks to its diverse sizing.

You can find polo shirts from size small to very large at most clothing stores or you can buy polo shirts online. If buying online always follow the available sizing chart to make sure you’ll get the right fit in the mail and no returns will be necessary. If you’re buying in-store always try the shirt on before purchasing it.

Polo Shirts

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No matter your age or body type, polos have a way of enhancing your flattering features and hiding those you don’t want to be noticed, so you can really count on them to be there for you when you’re in need of a comfortable, stylish, and flattering outfit for any occasion.

Always make sure you’re buying polos from well-stocked stores that carry polos made from well-known brands so you can ensure the material of the shirt is something that will keep your body breathing and will last you quite a long time.

One last thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to polos is proper care. The shirts usually come with instructions on how to maintain them, so follow those and you’ll always end up with a brand new looking shirt ready for new adventures. Remember, whites and brights always go together, no matter if they’re patterned or not. The reverse also applies.