Dog Life Jackets: Safe (and Popular) Way to Prepare Your Pooch for Exciting Water Adventures

Dogs are our best friends and most dog owners would agree that owning a dog is one of the best things in their life. However, dogs come with a lot of responsibilities. Providing your pooch with healthy food, playing with them every day and visiting the vet regularly are just some of the most important things you need to do.

Additionally, you may hear a lot of reasons why pet doors are popular among pet owners and how they can make your dog’s life more comfortable, but what about outdoor adventures? When it’s time for an adventure, you know your furry friend wants to come along. While some dog breeds, like Retrievers and Spaniels, are natural swimmers, others may not be that skilled swimmers.

Regardless of that, if you and your pup plan on spending some time in or on the water, you may want to consider getting a dog life jacket for sale. It’s an affordable, safe and popular way to enjoy plenty of water adventures with your dog.

Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Life Jacket

dog running into water with life jacket

Whether your dog accompanies you on a boat, at the beach, by the pool or in a kayak at the lake, it’s a chance for the whole family to enjoy some quality outdoor time together. There are a few reasons why you may consider getting a dog life jacket for sale and make swimming a safe event. Here is why it’s an essential flotation tool that’s beneficial for both you and your dog.

Not All Dogs Are Built to Swim

bulldog swimming in the water

Some dogs, such as Bulldogs, for instance, have trouble staying afloat. Their body type is less suited to swimming and they will need a little flotation assistance. Usually, it comes down to how buoyant your dog’s body is, however, having a dog life jacket is always a good idea to help your furry friend stay safe in the water. It makes swimming lessons are easier and can boost the confidence of dogs who are new to swimming.

They Can Get Tired

shih tzus dog swimming

Some breeds, like Shih Tzus or Yorkshire Terriers, are strong swimmers, but they get tired easily. We all know how dogs can be in the water and just don’t know when to take a break, so even the best dog swimmers can get tired and run into trouble if not wearing a life vest.

Prevent Accidents

labrador swimming with life jacket

A day out on the water should be fun for everyone, but also you need to be always prepared because accidents and emergencies can happen at any time. A reliable dog life preserver will protect your pet even in the worst-case scenario, so you can relax and enjoy knowing your dog is safe.

Protect Your Dog from Unseen Hazards in the Water

dog sitting on the beach

There can always be some unseen hazards in the water. Swimming pools are relatively safe, but lakes and rivers may have underwater debris, including foliage and branches, that your dog may get caught up in. On the other hand, swimming against the current in a stream or river can be exhausting and if swimming in the ocean, strong currents can cause your dog to be pushed out to sea. For all of these reasons, your dog will need a life jacket to help keep its head above water.

Keep Your Dog Warm

dog jumping in the water

If the water is cold, even dogs with coat thick can suffer hypothermia. A life jacket can keep your dog safe and warm at the same time, so hypothermia can’t set in.

Convenient Handles to Help You Hold Your Dog

men holding dog while swimming

Dog life jackets have a grab handle on top that makes it easier to haul your dog to safety when needed. It’s great for assisting your dog when swimming and can save their life in case they get into trouble.

Tips on How to Choose a Dog Life Jacket

happy dog on boat

These days, dressing dogs is popular and there are many different ways to make it right. The good news is that dogs look very cute in life jackets, so you won’t have to worry about combining fashion and function when taking your dog on the road with you. So, how can you choose the right life vest for your furry companion?

There is no one size jacket that’s perfect for dogs of every size, shape and ability. The best choice you can make is choosing a life vest that fits your pup properly, is comfortable on land, offers well-balanced flotation and has durable handles. A D-ring is a helpful feature as well, so you can attach a leash when needed.

If you are not sure whether you should pick a dog life jacket or a dog life vest, here are a few simple tips that can help.

• A dog life jacket covers more of your dog and provides both buoyancy and visibility
• A dog life jacket is recommended for boating and many other water activities
• A dog life vest is a good option if your dog swims primarily in a pool
• A dog life vest is lighter, covers less of your dog and is better for casual swimming

In the end, you may notice that dog life jackets come in many different prints and colours, mostly bright colours. The reason is that a bright coloured life jacket with a reflective strip will make it easier to spot your pup in the water, especially if he or she is an adventurer who likes to venture on their own.