The Most Popular Graphing Calculators for 2015

Graphic calculators are advanced tools that allow users to graph equations in order to perform calculating functions. They are great learning tools that can help students visualize different mathematical concepts. Because of huge demand, there are different CAS and graphic calculator models with built-in software depending on the application.

Most graphic and CAS calculator models can be upgraded to match school curriculum, offer built-in memory that can store equations and have high Speed CPU what makes them more effective and reliable. The most important feature of every graphic calculator is the LCD display (how calculators display graphs and functions). The LCD display allows the users to track the calculations and find possible errors.

Of course, not every graphic calculator offers the same functions, nor the same level of reliability. Choose the model depending on the application. Below are the top five graphic calculators explained (including their operating systems).

CAS Calculator vs. Non-CAS Calculator

Computer algebra system or CAS calculator can solve equations, factor, manipulate variables, etc. Generally, CAS calculator can solve mathematical problems that involve x and y. CAS calculators are the best calculating tools often used in some standard tests, such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), AP calculus, and many high school and college classrooms.

TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX CAS

The TI-Nspire calculator has computer features, including drop down menu, file and folder features as well as click interface. TI (Texas Instruments) took graphic calculator to a higher level with this model as it is designed to graph equations written in “x=” form. TI continually evolves the platform and releases regular operating system updates for this model.


TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition

In 2013, TI updated their most popular graphic calculator, giving it a whole new resolution, rechargeable battery and a full colour screen. The new TI-84 Plus can now graph on images what makes it a better option than the old black and white versions. What’s more important is that it is not too pricey, so everyone can afford it.


Casio Prizm

Casio Prizm is the most underrated graphic calculator on the market, but it is the easiest non-CAS calculator that offers many easy features that cannot be found on other non-CAS graphic calculators. It can find precise trig values, simplifies radicals and can use textbook format for its math symbols. Since it doesn’t have a CAS, it is the perfect affordable calculator for the ACT.


HP Prime

The HP Prime is a touch screen calculator, legal on College Board’s SAT exams. It is a CAS calculator that offers a number of great graphing features making it user friendly when compared to the older HP models.