What Makes Diamond Grille Security Doors the Most Popular Burglar Deterrent

Long gone are the days when people would leave their doors unlocked or even open without fearing that a thief will turn their place upside down. Australia is notoriously infamous for burglaries, and it’s in fact ranked among the top of all developed countries around the world. You might live in a perfectly low-risk area, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe. That being said, it’s always better being safe than sorry, and seeing that there are affordable ways to protect your home and make it a secure place for your family and possessions, I don’t see why not go for it.

One of the best ways to deter burglars is by installing a security door. When people think of security doors, they envision steel, jail-bar-like atrocities, but the reality is – design has come a long way and a security door doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your home’s appeal. In fact, you can buy a diamond grille security door that actually enhances the way your home looks like. In other words, there are mesh options that offer just as much style as security.

Diamond Grille Security Door

The best thing about a diamond grille security door is that you can have one tailor per your specific needs and requirements, and have it installed from top-of-the-shelf materials such as fibreglass and aluminium. These materials are not only incredibly durable, but they’re also great at keeping away pests, which most Australians would surely appreciate.

According to a survey conducted by Australian police on detainees, a security grille door is one of the top three reasons why a burglar won’t even attempt to break into your house, alongside having a dog and having a functioning alarm system. However, oftentimes, burglars aren’t aware of the presence of a dog or an alarm system simply because they aren’t so obvious to them, unless there are clear signs in front of your home.

When it comes to optimum security, there’s more to screen doors that meets the eye. Given the fact that they can be heavily customized, the locking mechanism of the door can be installed to your preference, and you can decide on a three point locking system instead of one. Furthermore, an internal snib locking system can be installed for fast exiting.

And last but not least, a security grille gives you the freedom of having your door wide open, and it can provide your home with better ventilation, so you can let plenty of fresh air inside without the fear of humidity. No humidity means less chance of allergens and mould piling up, and fresh air means less use of your air conditioner which also means lower electricity bill.