Desk Foot Rest: Your Ergonomic Must-Have

When we think of injuries in the workplace, we generally imagine that the workplace involves doing some physical work and being exposed to dangers, however, sedentary jobs can be just as much of a cause for injuries. Considering almost every office job has undergone changes due to technology, most vocations involve a great deal of sitting and having in mind work hours are usually eight, it means there is sitting of several hours in a row. Regardless of whether you get to do some exercising a day or at least a week, all the time spent sitting has significant side-effects on the overall health.

Young woman with pain in the back office.

Apart from being among the reasons for obesity, neck and lower back pain, your sedentary work style staring at the computer screen day in and day out can also lead to arthritis, degenerative disc disease and even heart attacks and a shorter life span. If you find yourself in the situation of sitting your life away at work, or worse if you do so also when you’re at home, then you have to make sure you equip yourself with all the necessary ergonomic furniture bits and pieces, because as the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. Once you have injuries, not even workers’ compensation benefits will make much of a difference to you. It is logical to think of your back primarily, since it might be the first body part where pain may appear, so you will get an ergonomic chair. Then, you’ll consider the space you need to stay organised – you will look for the proper desk with the suitable amount of drawers for item storage. However, when we think of all the time sitting, we have to realise our legs suffer just as much which is why acquiring a desk foot rest is essential.

The varieties are vast and affordable, from those with basic adjustable options to those more advanced with temperature setting features with cool and warm air, so you will easily find the desk foot rest to suit your needs. When we are stuck with work and deadlines, there isn’t much time left for us to think of keeping our posture upright and this is where footrest comes in handy. An ergonomic foot rest will keep your posture in check and your feet off the flat floor. The bonus of an adjustable foot rest is you get to fix the height you want and since they don’t have a fixed angle, you can move your feet occasionally, plus by staying active you will work on full blood flowing. Not only will your feet be comfortable, but you also prevent the development of circulatory issues.

Pairing your chair with foot rest will reduce the pressure of your spine, and you can get the right angles which will help you avoid slouching. Once you purchase your own foot rest, you will see a considerable difference, you will be more rested and more productive respectively, with no injuries and no stress so your body will thank you for it. Make sure you do a little stretching, and keep your feet and legs active and moving on the foot rest.