Contemporary Art Prints: The Easy and Popular Way to Jazz Up Your Bathroom

It is true, vanities might be the focal point in a bathroom but did you know that there are many other things that can jazz up this part of your home in no time?! And no, we are not talking about splurging a fortune on this, we’re talking about adding simple yet stunning contemporary art prints.

Contemporary wall art is all about helping you make your space more personal without having to start a huge remodelling project. What’s more, there are no particular and strict rules about what to choose, only some basic things that can help you hang your precious works right.

Don’t Be Afraid to Add Colours and Patterns

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Whether you’re looking for carefully drawn and painted flowers in vibrant colours, silhouettes and illustrations, or some stunning contemporary art prints with geometric or abstract themes, the bathroom can take it all. In other words, there are no limitations regarding the style of the chosen contemporary artworks. Just take into account the surrounding area, so you could choose the colours that will pop up more. For instance, if you’ve always loved the idea of having a white/ivory bathroom that looks clean and tidy, you can jazz it up a little by breaking the monotonous ambient with an art piece in vibrant colours that will breathe life into your bathroom. You can choose between canvas and framed prints or make a combo. The choice is up to you, just make sure to mix and match the best pieces.

Choose the Place to Hang It

The place where you’ll hang the wall art can mainly depend on the available bathroom walls. According to interior designers, the ideal place to hang it is on the opposite wall of your bathtub or stand-alone bathtub, however, if there’s no available space on that particular wall, you can always hang it elsewhere. Just keep in mind to hang it properly and symmetrically. You surely don’t want to look at a painting that isn’t levelled properly, right?!

Consider Adding Multiple Prints

To spruce up things even more, instead of one, you can add several smaller wall arts in your bathroom. And if you can’t decide between some arts, you literally have the freedom to add as many as you want. Just keep in mind the free space and the overall look, you certainly shouldn’t clutter your bathroom by adding too many paints. If not sure how many of them are enough for the specific wall area, you can always seek advice from some of your family members.

Think of the Frame

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Since bathrooms are some of the most humid areas in our home, you should be careful when choosing frames and art in general. Practice shows that canvas prints made with water and moisture-resistant colours are better than framed arts. However, if you’re drawn more by framed arts, it’s best to choose arts with metal frames since wooden frames can warp and crack over time when exposed to moisture.

Some Other Important Things to Have in Mind

It’s said that when adding art in the bathroom, it’s best to choose one/s that don’t require glazing. The reason for this is simple, glazed art is more prone to attract moisture which over time could destroy the art. In case you’ve already laid your eyes on a particular piece that needs to be glazed, it’s better to use acrylic instead of glass glazing because acrylic glazing is more breathable, so moisture won’t build up on the frame.

The second and maybe most important thing you should do is to vent your bathroom on a daily basis, and especially after taking a bath. By doing this, you will reduce moisture and prolong the life of your wall arts. But not only for your wall art, venting your bathroom is essential for the overall bathroom appliances and furniture, because excess moisture can lead to mould. The easiest and most efficient way to reduce moisture is by opening a window and leaving the door wide open. However, if you don’t have a window in your bathroom, you can simply turn on the exhaust fan prior to showering and leave it working during and after showering. This is essential in order to reduce moisture promptly and minimally expose your arts to it.

Where to Buy High-Quality Art Prints?

As is with everything else, the safest way to shop for wall arts for your bathroom or for your entire home is by finding a trusted and reputable supplier. You can do this by doing online research and by consulting with someone who has already done this. Since you’ll be dealing with professionals, the experienced and knowledgeable store’s team can also help you find the right material and frames for your bathroom. This will save you the headache of having to replace the art in your bathroom because of moisture.