Cast Iron Baths: A Classic Solution for a Stylish Bathroom

The type of bathtub you choose for your bathroom can significantly boost the look and comfort of this part of your home. With various types and styles available on the market nowadays, it can become quite a chore to choose the right one for your needs. There are quite a few details to pay attention to, including the material, the colours, the design. However, regardless of your choice, make sure the model you pick will seamlessly fit in your bathroom and will serve you for years to come. One such great option is cast iron baths.

Cast Iron Baths: The Benefits

It may not sound like it, but finding a good cast iron bathtub is actually quite easy. Many homeware stores carry them, making the selection of cast iron bathtubs Australia wide pretty good. No matter where you are in the country you can order your cast iron tub online or buy it in a physical store. Still, you may be wondering why exactly would you opt for a cast iron tub instead of any other type? What’s the big deal?

Cast iron is an extremely durable material that has a very long life, meaning that your cast iron tub will be with you for far longer than any other material will. What’s more, cast iron tubs are specially treated to prevent any damage from happening to them. As the name suggests, cast iron tubs are one-piece tubs, unlike other materials which have to be cast in different moulds which are then put together. This allows for that superb sturdiness and endurance the cast iron tubs have.

These goodies are all about a classic, elegant design mixed in with the latest trends, so you won’t ever have to worry about your bathroom seeming boring or going out of style. If all of this sounds right and you’d like to see how to choose the perfect cast iron bath tub for you, read on.

Step One: Choosing the Right Style

Cast iron tubs usually come in three types of styles – contemporary, traditional, and victorian.

This is a great thing as it allows everyone to have a tub of great quality in their home, no matter what type of home decor they have going on. The contemporary, or modern, cast iron tubs are just like you imagine them. Very similar to your ordinary ceramic or resin bathtub, they come with smooth edges, no legs, a sleek overall design, and in either black or white. Friendly to minimalist or scandi home decor styles, contemporary cast iron tubs carry tradition within and 21st-century stylishness on the outside.

Victorian bathtubs are the polar opposite of their contemporary cousins. Featuring a sleek design with a subtle headrest, they all come with claw-foot legs that allow the bath to sit anywhere you want it to and look gorgeous while doing it. You can select either an all-black, all-white, or black outside-white inside victorian tub with legs in either black, gold, or silver. Victorian tubs are all about luxury and lavishness, so they suit homes that follow this principle as well as homes concentrated on the vintage.

Finally, traditional tubs are a sort of mix between the victorian and the contemporary cast iron tub, allowing anyone who likes a more toned down lavish design to get exactly that. With smooth features and recognizable vintage and modern influences, the traditional tub is the perfect middle man that will find a home within rustic, minimal, vintage, traditional, and homes that follow pretty much any style out there.

Step Two: Choosing the Right Colour

As I said before, there is a variety of colours and colour combinations available for each of these style options, but the ones that dominate are always black and white with some places offering shades like metallic gold and silver, shiny or matte black, deep greys, and so on.

When we look at the colours that are in normal circulation, we’ll see that they are specifically chosen to be able to fit bathrooms that are concentrated on being more regular and those that have “extravagant” written all over them. These colours and colour combinations allow for experimenting with everything else around the tub, so you’ll have complete freedom of choice for your tiles, fixtures, sinks, cabinets, bathroom vanities, and so on.

A tub is a centrepiece by itself, so having it be in a more neutral colour scheme is ideal as it opens up a world of possibilities. If you are, however, looking for something more specific, you can always contact your retailer to see if a custom colour of your chosen style can be manufactured and sent out to you.

Step Three: Accessorizing

When accessorizing, you should always take into account the colour of your bathtub, any potential colour scheme, its style as well as whether it’s matte or shiny. Bathtub accessories are the aforementioned tiles, your water fixtures, the showerhead and any things like a curtain, the shelving for your toiletries, any bathroom rugs, and so on.

Make sure your metal accessories match any metal accessories on your tub in both colour and style and everything else matches the tub in a more vague way. For example, if you’ve chosen a black victorian tub with gold legs all your fixtures should be either black or gold, while the shower curtain and bathroom rug can feature either or both of these colours alongside other ones, connecting into a lush pattern and rich design.

Once you get the hang of it with one item accessorizing will be much easier and you’ll get to have a dreamy, stylish, and impeccable bathroom in no time. There are various types of accessories available. When looking for cast iron bathtubs Australia wide, make sure to pay attention to the potential accessories they can be combined with for the ultimate experience.