Out for a Caravanning Adventure? Consider the Popular Awning Styles for Added Comfort!

Camping is embedded in the culture of Australia, as it’s been a part of the lifestyle for generations. It’s not surprising it still happens to be one of the favourite outdoor activities to this day for many Aussies who are passionate about the Great Outdoors and would love to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life in some of the popular camping spots.

If you’re the kind of person who simply can’t imagine giving up on the daily comfort the city dwellings provide and aren’t too mesmerised by good old-fashioned camping, then caravanning is made for you! Travelling with an RV is perfect when you’re miles away from solid accommodation, and among all the equipment and items that can make for a more pleasant outdoor experience you’ve got accessories like the stylish and practical caravan awning screen to count on.

This kind of addition provides protection from the harsh weather and extends the usable living space that you can enjoy for entertaining and rest. Some of the popular choices include:

caravan awning screen solutions
source: outdoorexplorer.com.au

The Roll-Out Style

This is a very user-friendly style of awning that consists of hardware for the pegs and screen, plus ropes used to connect them. The reason it’s turned to be one of the most popular options is because it offers great reliability and control since it can be retracted. This is also the reason why you can find it by the name retractable.

For an added degree of control and flexibility, you can invest in one of the advanced motorised caravan awning screen designs that work on the push of a button for automatic extending and retracting. Depending on the material you choose for the screen, and how durable it is, you can get protection even from rains, although to extend the lifespan of this accessory it’s best to keep it retracted during storms.

The Wind-Out Style

If you’re looking for an even more user-friendly design that allows for the kind of installation that one man can handle without requiring an extra pair of arms and hands, then this is it. These awnings can be manual and motorised with 12V motors, however, keep in mind they are somewhat heavier and pricier. So, in case you prefer something more budget-friendly, yet still functioning like a sun canopy, it’ll have to be the previous counterpart.

The Box Style

With their compact, and low-profile footprint, this style is also very popular when it comes to adding extra protection on all sorts of RVs. It’s also known as case awning, and is fitted on the side of the caravan, while the support legs are easily fitted and pegged to the ground. This style of awning is usually available in designs ranging in lengths, so be sure to measure up your RV to get the right size.

The Attaching Annexe Wall

One can never have enough protection or privacy, especially if there are neighbouring caravans around, so if you feel in need of more screening, there’s the solution of annexe walls that can easily be attached to the awning. This is a more practical temporary end side solution for the sun screening, as well as more affordable, as opposed to the bulkier and heavier full-sized and porch types of awnings.

maximum privacy with caravan awning screen
source: xtendoutdoors.com.au

Choosing the Adequate Awning

Now that you know the different styles of caravan awnings you can choose from at the specialised outdoor gear stores and retailers, it’s crucial to consider some additional aspects about these accessories to be able to make a better purchase and better preparations for camping fun. For instance, it’s important to remember why you’re buying them in the first place.

Specifically, how long you intend to use them. Some people only go on camping adventures during the summer days, whereas others use the opportunity year-round. Being clear on this would help you decide on the material, or rather its durability, choosing from options such as canvas, acrylic, and vinyl.

Since there are different sizes of caravan privacy screens available, it’s necessary to consider what you’re buying them for – your type of caravan, the size, as well as the covering needs. Do you require protection that would cover the dining and entertaining area? Do you have any pets you’d like to protect? Answering these two questions would give you an idea. Also, don’t forget the storage as this too has a say in the size. If you intend to store the accessory in the caravan, would it take up considerable space that could otherwise be used on equipment or furnishings?

In terms of installation, given that there are designs that are simpler to install than others, you’d have to consider whether you’d be doing all the work on your own or with a helping hand. If it’s all on you, then is it really worth investing in a complex model that would take up your whole time and attention when you could rather spend it on exploring the surroundings?

Think of all this before heading out on an adventure to be able to count on a hassle-free experience and fun!