Buying a Dog Blanket? Here Are the Most Popular Options

Now that we’ve waved summer goodbye, it’s officially snuggle season! When the weather is chilly, gloomy, rainy, the recipe for cosiness is curling up on a couch with those you love the most. This includes your pup of course!

Same as us, our furry family members like the warm feeling of comfort, and the key ingredient for this is getting them a nice lightweight and washable dog blanket that would provide them with a cosy spot anywhere. As there are dogs in various sizes, with their own particular tastes, dislikes, and needs, there are various types of blankets to choose from.

Get to Know the Popular Types of Blanket for Dog

Treat your beloved doggy to some of these:

Blanket for Car

If you like the thought of travelling with Fido, but don’t like the idea of air travelling with pets, you could always opt for the road. It’s easy to take care of comfort on the go with the help of practical blankets that are easy to use in the car or out in the park, just as they’re easy to store.

All this thanks to their padded mats that are also reversible much to your advantage, and you can conveniently carry them on any outing as they’re super stylish too. Just because you’re on the go with Fido doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be as fancy and snug as he is at home, right?!

Since they’re created for functionality as well, the design features deep pockets you can use to store some of your dog’s belongings when it’s folded, or to seamlessly hide the handles when the dog blanket is flat. If you care about comfort, as much as you care about car cleanliness when your pooch comes in after playing in the mud, you’d be glad to know there are washable and durable suede and synthetic options like polyester to choose from.

Blanket for Bed

We get it, you enjoy the thought of having your pet in the bedroom snuggling with you to sleep, but there’s the matter of cleanliness you’d have to address considering having dog fur all over your bedding. This is especially a big no-no if you’ve got allergies as it irritates them.

You could take care of the issue by adding a basket bed on the bed, but that can be rather bulky and disrupt your own comfort and sleep. Fret not, if you’re still keen on sharing the bed with your beloved pup, there are some dog blankets Australia round shops offer that are a combination of cotton and fleece designs you can introduce.

What’s so great about them, besides providing a hygienic barrier to keep fur away, is the fact they can also be used in dog beds for an extra layer of comfort and warmth in those cold winter nights. They’re also a nice solution for older dogs who have joint problems and need all the support they can get.

Blanket for Couch

If you’ve got nice sofa seats and beds that you’re particularly proud of getting, you certainly fear the thought of seeing them all stained or scratched. At the same time, dogs are family, and you probably want them to get a share of the cosiness and comfort you get when watching TV and spending time in the living area.

This dilemma can easily be solved with the addition of a couch dog blanket. As it comes in a lightweight design, it’s piece of cake to move it around, place it anywhere you like or where your pooch’s favourite spot is, and wash it in the machine when needed. In some cases, even your own throw blankets could do the job, if you aren’t up for spending extra on this dog supply.

Cooling Blankets

Often, these designs of blankets come with cooling pads with gel technology and are created to provide relief for dogs suffering from painful joint problems. They offer this thanks to their properties that help them absorb the pet’s body heat, and you neither have to place them in the freezer nor plug them in. They’re easy to care for and are resistant to scratches and punctures.

Heating Blankets

You know those smaller dog breeds that are always cold? Or those that don’t have much fur to begin with to keep them warm? Well, this type of blanket is ideal for them as it keeps them warm without exceeding their own body temperatures. Just plug it in, and you can keep your dog nice and warm, be it indoors or out.

Buying the Ideal Blanket for Your Dog

When you’re shopping for the ideal dog blanket for your pooch, choosing from a wide range of options, it’s advisable to have these aspects in mind to simplify your shopping and make the most of it in terms of comfort.

Consider the Material

As there are various material options, you can choose depending on how much comfort it is you’re after, or the breathable, washable and water-resistant properties you find to be important. Besides the popular fleece and cotton, known for their warmth, a blanket made from natural materials such as lambswool is a nice alternative if your dog has aches or skin allergies, as it’s cosy and keeps harmful pathogens at bay.

Consider the Size

There are different sized blankets with reason: dogs come in different sizes. Same as when shopping for the ideal bed, be sure to measure up your pup, and consider his or her size when lying down to be sure on the certain measurements. In addition, it would come in handy if you also take his or her favourite sleeping position into account too.