Business Removal: My Experience with Relocating My Business

I’ve always wanted to own a small boutique in which I could create clothing outfits for women with that vintage-y, yet fancy and modern street style. It’s been my great desire since I was a little girl and luckily it did come to reality. While most of the people I knew back in my youth were obsessed with wearing brands, I believed my grandmother’s words: “it’s important how you look in your clothes, not how expensive they are” which ultimately, made so much sense, and it still does. Following this motto, I managed to run my clothing store for years, creating complete, wonderful outfits for any occasion.

Thanks to being loyal to my belief and way of work, I was able to expand my business and include a male line as well, and even feature a collection concentrated on combining elegant pieces for ladies. The first thing about bringing that idea to reality was finding the proper space for it. That’s where my quest for business removal company begun.

Business Removal

I know how hard moving sounds to people; all the preparations, the planning, the loading and the transport and then the unpacking. Not to mention all the cleaning that comes after that. And since I’m a business woman who doesn’t have time to spend on things like these (trust me, no business running person does) I started searching for a professional business removal company. And being a person in the trading world myself, I prepared well to find the perfect match for my needs. Here’s my experience explained in short.

Always Talk About the Staff

When it comes to moving a sensitive business such as clothing, or something like a decorations store, or maybe a store for glass, you need professionals who will invest their skills, strength and most importantly understanding and emotion in the job. For example, I didn’t want someone who doesn’t know how fragile knitwear can be, to pack, transport and then unpack the knitwear pieces. The goods can easily be damaged by a simple negligence of the staff, and no business owner can afford that. Which brings me to my next point.

Ask About Insurance

The moving company you hire must be insured in case of accidents like the afore mentioned. You want to have your mind free of thoughts you shouldn’t be having in the first place. That’s the first thing I asked about actually, because at the time of moving, I had a whole new order of clothes coming and I didn’t have the time, effort nor the money to think about the move. I wanted to be sure that I put my money to good use when I hired professional movers.

Don’t be Fooled

I won’t lie to you – every business owner will at least once in their career try to lie to a customer in order to get more money. Call it arrogance, greed or simple curiosity, everyone will do it eventually. It’s up to you, the customer, to keep your eyes wide open. In the particular case of hiring a professional moving company, you need to do an estimate before you seal the deal. The best estimate method is for the moving company to come and see all the merchandise, property and equipment that needs to be moved and say how much would it cost for all that to be packed, loaded on a truck and transported to the new location. Without asking for an estimate, you’re throwing yourself into a lion’s mouth.