Bedding with Personality – the Most Popular Way to Add Drama to Your Bedroom

We tend to think we spend most of our time in the living room watching TV or in the kitchen cooking when in fact, we spend a third of our lifetime in bed. So, when it comes to which room of the house should get most of our attention, the bedroom wins. Yet, often it’s the last place we invest our decorating dollars in.

Grey Quilt Covers

But when it comes to decorating the bedroom, bedding that’s simple, attractive and won’t break the bank, is enough to do the trick. And you don’t even need luxuries like Egyptian cotton, high thread counts and other bells and whistles to make your bedroom a dreamy space. Sometimes, all it takes is switching your white and boring sheets with something with a little more personality to it, like for instance, embossed pillow cases, or dark red or charcoal grey quilt covers.

Any type of coloured, textured and patterned bedding can be used to add some drama and revive an old and tired bedroom. But many people get confused when it comes for settling for light or dark colours. How should one decide? Interior designers suggest to always go with your room’s DNA. This means if the space is large and airy, establishing a light theme with bedding like soft grey quilt covers or pale blue sheets will emphasize its open feel. If the bedroom is small, picking dark and bold colours like deep navy and rich claret can make the space stand out better.

Texturing and layering also contributes to bringing some personality. The practice of making your bed the same old way is out and eclecticism is totally in. Piling up a variety of textures like quilts, waffle weave blankets, rich throw pillows or other fabrics can make the bedroom look more romantic and effortless.

And best of all, you don’t have to stick to a single colour or fabric. By keeping a selection of quilt covers in your linen drawer, you’ll be able to change the look of the bedroom in a minute. And once you discover how quilt covers can multi-task, you may never need to buy another topper again. While your winter quilts are stored away, the covers can still be used as excellent, light-weight bedding for warmer nights.

All things considered, playing with decorative bedding is the cheapest way to transform the look of a bedroom. It’s a quick and effortless way to dress up the space without having to commit to a new wall colour or purchase an expensive furniture. Anytime you change your sheets or duvet covers, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole different place. A great way to bring excitement in your bedroom and in your life.