Large Format Photo Printer: The Popular Business Equipment Piece

We’ve become so at one with technology that it’s impossible to imagine every day life without depending on it. Needless to say, such is also the case with businesses and almost every aspect is slowly but surely becoming digitalised so as to help us out, positively affecting productivity and profits. Though it might initially seem as more of an investment to make, keeping up the pace with technological advancements is the key to success in the long run. When speaking of digital trends in the business realm, one can’t help but notice the growing popularity of large format printers and the need to have one. It may appear as though this kind of printers are a rather recent invention, their beginnings actually go back to the last decade of the previous century.


Two decades later, and the switch from analogue to digital printing, the role of these printers in home offices and companies alike is being pointed out. No matter whether you’re dealing with photography and have a photo studio of your own, or if it’s an architecture studio, marketing or advertising agency, office, you have to consider investing in a quality large format photo printer because you’ll significantly get to save on printing costs and time as you’d do it yourself in-house and avoid paying third party services, which in turn will have you see an increase in the overall efficiency of your business. A hidden benefit as well is having the ability and freedom to either stop the printing, change the amount of printing samples, or postpone it to whenever you see fit and make changes with the advertising.

High quality photographs, fine art, flyers, banners, company logos, architecture CAD drawings, detailed maps, posters, projects, presentations, you name it, there’s nothing these machines can’t handle and it’s not only paper you can use as the printing material, but film, canvas and boards as well. Since a large format photo printer can be found in many sizes, 17”, 24”, 36”, 44”, 64”, it’s important to choose based on your business needs. Another decision you’re going to have to make is on the type of large format printer, differentiating between inkjet and dye-sublimation. The difference is due to their printing processes; inkjet prints using cartridges that spry small droplets of ink that dry fast, whereas dye-sublimation work with a heating technique that vaporises the colour which then diffuses on the paper.


Latest large format printers are up to date with technology, some even having the wi-fi connectivity feature, and they are easy to operate so you won’t be having any trouble. They print at high speed rates in high resolution, no matter the size of the document printed, and they have an extended print longevity so it doesn’t take long to see how your business can benefit from having this kind of worthy equipment piece.