The Most Popular Antiquities Museums In Australia

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If you are an antique enthusiast and want to give a special elegant touch to your home or want to give a unique present to someone close, find a reputable unique antique furniture online store to ensure you make the perfect choice. But, if you are not a collector, yet love antiques, visit some of the most popular antiques museums in Australia.

Antiquities Museums In Australia

  • The Classic Museum At The Australian National University – The Classic Museum offers a study resource opportunity for schools, general public and university students, as well for students of Art History, Classics, the Canberra School of Art, Archeology and Anthropology and the University of Canaberra’s National Center for Cultural Heritage Science Students. The 1962 established collection now features 600 objects from Asia Minor, Cyprus and the Roman world. Some of the museum items are borrowed from the national Australian Gallery, some are from from private collectors and some from the Parliament House Collection. However, the larger part collection has been created over the years as a teaching resource.
  • The Antiquities Collection At The University Of Auckland – This is a small antiques collection which includes mostly antique pieces North Africa, Italy, Aegean, Egypt, and Greece.
  • The James Logie Memorial Collection At The University Of Canterbury – This is one of the finest and greatest collections of Roman and Greek antiques available to the public. The antique collection is held in the Logie Room in the Department of Classics at the Canterbury University. There you can find amazing vases and other pottery objects from the Archaic period, Attic black figure amphorae and marble objects from Roman period.
  • The A.D. Trendall Research Centre For Ancient Mediterranean Studies At La Trobe University – Professor A.D. Trendall granted his big personal collection of various journals, books, offprints and photographs of South-Italian red figure vases to La Trobe University to provide the basis for a special research center in the wide area of the ancient Mediterranean studies. According to the professor’s wish, in 1998 a research center was established in his former apartment above the South Wing of Menzies College.