Adorable Fashion Accessories Every Baby Girl Needs

Fashion is an undeniable and ever-present matter in our lives.

It doesn’t matter if you actively follow recent trends and latest fashions or just go with the flow, you’re a part of the fashion culture whether you like it or not. Every piece of clothing you choose says something about you, so even those of us who wear the plainest clothing ever make a statement through their wardrobe just as the ones who carefully choose each item do, too!

Having a good fashion sense isn’t something that can truly be learned, but it is something that can be transferred from generation to generation. It all depends on how early you start nurturing that love for clothing and accessories in your little ones, especially in young girls.

Girls and Fashion

It’s a common misconception that only girls care about fashion while boys just take whatever from the racks at the store and are done with it. Even though this statement is quite untrue, it still is true that girls are somewhat more interested in fashion than boys are, whether because of society itself or because they are just like that.

Either way, if you’d like your little baby girl to be a true fashionista one day and be able to choose her own immaculate outfits, just as you do, you need to start while she’s still young! Of course, taking care of yourself and your wardrobe are a number one priority, as children tend to copy what we do, but getting her own unique wardrobe filled with a variety of clothing items and accessories is crucial to her later fashion sense and development.

Clothing items are fairly easy to figure out, but true fashion happens within the details i.e. through the accessories. In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the most essential baby girl fashion accessories you can buy to get that fashion train on the road and wake your girl’s inner fashion icon just in time!

Headwraps & Headbands

Easy, but totally effective, headwraps and headbands are baby girl fashion accessories that should absolutely find a place within your angel’s closet. Able to be worn by babies as well as girls of any other age, headwraps and headbands have the power to really tie a look together and give it a unique and special feel. We witness every day how many celebrities and models, as well as girls like you and me, wear their headwraps and headbands with pride, so why not our little baby girls, too?

There is, however, a distinction to be made between these two items, so here we go!


Headwraps are perfect for truly small baby girls that still don’t want to let their age get in the way of their snatched and fashionable everyday look! Headwraps are soft, they are easy to wear, and they won’t get in the way of hair that’s just starting to grow or pose any danger to the delicate baby head. The variety of styles and colours available make headwraps an absolutely perfect baby girl accessory out there.

Once your girl is a bit older, it’s time to add headbands to the mix. As headbands are often one size they might be a bit difficult to wear when she’s too little, but once she’s developed enough to handle the little bit of pressure they come with, she’ll love wearing them! Just like headwraps, headbands also come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can really play around when accessorizing and find the perfect band for every occasion!

Tights & Socks

I am a very hard believer in tights and colourful socks as a way to perfecting an outfit. Comfortable, stretchy, and absolutely super-cute, they can be a very exciting addition to your girl’s accessory pallette.

Tights and socks can be worn by newborns as much as by older girls, so getting a few pairs while picking up essentials before she’s born will prove to be quite useful.

Tights can be paired with skirts and dresses, but also with shorts, tunics, and oversized jumpers, so they can comfortably be a complete replacement for pants in some cases, especially if they’re thick enough to keep her properly warm and cozy. Tights are available in a lot of colours and fun designs, so make sure you stock up on all the ones you like and keep buying new pairs as she grows. There’s really nothing like a nice pair of tights to go with a cute dress and some shiny shoes.

Socks, of course, are quite a universal item as they are worn every day, but what you’ll need to do if you want to keep those outfits as perfect as possible is to scout out those unique pairs nobody else seems to have. Sure, regular white and black socks are a must, but so are colourful and patterned pairs that will give any outfit a fun twist, whether you’re headed to a playdate or a wedding!



What girl can go without a little bit of jewellery?

When looking for some jewels to add to your newborn baby girl accessories closet look for items made with round, edgeless additions and soft, smooth materials. This will prevent any injuries as well as ensure your girl is comfortable with her accessories. You should also look for either one-size-fits-all options or ones that can be adjusted to size and pay close attention to stretchy items.

Baby girl jewellery is equally about looks as it is about comfort and safety, so don’t go overboard with tight necklaces and bracelets and chunky rings and earrings. Instead, opt for lightweight and simple pieces that will give your girl that bling, but also her freedom of movement. After all, no matter how big of a fashionista she is, she’s still just a little girl, and little girls love free exploration and play, so don’t take that away from her!

When looking for colours, go with colourful and lively combinations as well as some classics, like pearls, so you can always have something on hand to wrap a look up with and enrich any outfit you have planned out!