A Guide to Popular Pendant Lighting: Fills Your Space with a Wonderful Glow

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Are you tired of the same old lighting solutions that have graced your home for way too long? Looking to finally switch things up and add something new? Well, you’re on the right track. Lighting is perhaps the most important feature of your house because it sets the proper tone and ambience for homeowners and guests alike. No wonder we spend so much time figuring out what kind of lighting to get, it really is a crucial addition that complements your home décor in fabulous fashion. It really is one of the easiest ways to liven up your home.

Now that you’re ready to step into the lighting game, it’s time to consider which course of action to take. Given the sheer number of options, we’ve decided to take some of the load off by giving you our humble suggestion on how to enhance the look of your home – by installing eye-catching pendant lighting. Here’s what you need to know to get started with your upgrade.

What Are Pendant Lights?

With their unique and versatile appearance, pendant lights are one of the most common lighting fixtures these days. The lamp itself is suspended from the ceiling using a cord, chain or pole, which is perfect for providing directed lighting. Whether you’re a fan of modern designs or you like to stick to traditions, you’re bound to find a design that matches your taste. You can opt for a single bulb or multiple lights, simple neutral tones or breathtakingly beautiful colours. The possibilities are endless but the choice is yours.

What Are the Different Types of Pendant Lights?

To help you reach a decision, we’ll be taking a closer look at all the different types of pendant lighting available. Each one is special in its own way so it’s mainly a matter of personal taste.

Multi-Light Pendant

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This fixture is sometimes referred to as a cluster pendant because of the way that the lights are organised. Essentially, a stylish multi light pendant is composed of several lights, ranging from two to twelve, which are connected to a central core. The lights themselves can be spread out in two different ways – either by being attached to multiple arms extending from the core or by hanging onto cords that are suspended from the ceiling. While the former is a staple for urban décor, the latter is a great addition to more laid-back and rustic styles. In any case, it’s worth noting that both options are equally bright and durable and the only difference is in their appearance.

Either way, you’re getting extremely bright lighting without any unnecessary bulk. This is especially convenient if you’re looking for maximum illumination for more spacious areas that have only one overhead electrical outlet. In this way, you won’t be cutting down on the brightness just because you can’t install extra lighting fixtures. Keeping those large rooms nice and bright will instantly freshen up the space and make it more welcoming for everyone.

Additionally, a multi light pendant is a great option if you’re looking to mimic the look of traditional chandeliers. Sure, some people might think they’re outdated and old-fashioned, but contemporary multi light pendants provide a more modern spin on the conventional ceiling fixtures. After all, why should you blindly follow traditions when you can spice things up a little bit and have some fun with your decorations? There’s no better way to express your personality and let your creativity thrive.

Inverted Pendant

Also known as an up-light pendant, this particular type provides indirect illumination by projecting light upwards towards the ceiling. This results in a subtle glow which is what makes inverted pendants perfect for general or ambient lighting. Truth be told, inverted pendants are a great choice if you don’t like having beaming lighting directed straight at you at all times. By turning it upwards, you soften the brightness while still maintaining the desired level of visibility. Sounds like the best of both worlds, if you ask us.

Drum Pendant

If you haven’t already guessed based on the name, drum lights have a spherical drum-shaped shade that’s normally made of hardback fabric, metal or even glass. The drum serves the purpose of a light diffuser that lets you control the level of illumination of the room. And the best part is that you can add a bit of custom fabric detailing and patterns to achieve a unique and fashionable appearance. Wouldn’t that be a great outlet for your creative side? It definitely sounds tempting.

Globe Pendant

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And last but not least, globe pendants are a classic and elegant way to brighten up your home. Much like their drum-shaped counterparts, these lights have a round shade that fully encloses around the bulb. This particular design allows them to emit ambient lighting in all directions without being overbearing, which is what makes them the perfect lighting fixture for your hallway or living room.

Key Lighting Considerations

With the specifications out of the way, we’ll be looking into a couple of factors that should help you make the right choice.

Size of the Room

There’s no point in getting a huge pendant for a small space because it’ll look really cramped. Similarly, you shouldn’t get tiny fixtures for larger rooms since then you won’t have enough lighting. Bottom line is, you need to take into account the space you have at your disposal so that you can shop accordingly.

Control Features

Most lighting solutions are turned on or off via a switch on your wall but recently there’s been a more practical way to do all that – by using a remote control. Think about it, you wouldn’t even have to get up from your comfy chair to dim the lights anymore. All you have to do is click a button and you’re good to go.