7 Popular Bag Styles Every Stylish Woman Should Own

Whoever stated that diamonds are a girl’s best friend forgot about the genuine sidekick in our wardrobe—the handbag! They are really useful when we need to store our necessities on the go, they can hold snacks, phone chargers, keys, cash, and everything that comes to your mind. They even serve the unique purpose of slaying an outfit.

But that’s not all. There are so many different styles on the market these days that you won’t have any difficulties finding the perfect one for daily use. From crossbodies and carryalls to satchels and shoulder bags, the following guidelines will help you make the right bag selection that meets your needs.

Leather Crossbody Bag: Where Function Meets Style

leather crossbody bag

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When it comes to hands-free bag favourites, nothing beats the impeccable minimalist leather cross body bags available in many different styles. Crossbody bags are typically modest to medium in size. Besides over the shoulder, they may also be carried on the hip thanks to the single, long strap. Different types of closures can be used to secure the top or front, such as a zipper, clasp, or buckle. You can easily organize your belongings inside one or more compartments.

The leather cross body bags have grown to be associated with versatility that complements your outfit whether you’re going out or just to the grocery store. Moreover, this type of bags falls between a backpack and a fanny pack due to its simple design, long, stylish strap, and ease of access, but with more fun and unquestionably far more elegant design. Having all these aspects in mind, I’d go as far as to say that they are a necessity for the modern, cosmopolitan woman.

But the perfect crossbody is when the appropriate price, the correct bag, and careful consideration of your style come together. And, whatever they may tell you, the size does matter! Therefore, if you intend to wear it with most of your outfit combos, your ideal leather cross body bag should be somewhere between sporty and minimalist while still being large enough to store your daily assorted belongings.

The Hands-Free Backpack

Backpacks also referred to as book bags or rucksacks, are quite practical. Unlike the stylish leather crossbody bags I just covered, they have two shoulder straps and are available in all sizes, allowing you to wear them on your back. You can choose from a huge selection of fabrics as well. In this regard, there are backpacks made of luxury leather, waterproof nylon, or casual canvas.

Being a highly versatile type of bag, backpacks are the ideal solution for busy mums who aren’t into carrying nappy bags around, students who carry tons of books or outdoor enthusiasts who must have all the necessary equipment when adventure calls for it! Or, all those who require a bag that will hold all of their necessities while enabling hands-free movement.

Backpacks frequently come with numerous pockets that may hold everything, including notes, extra diapers, and water bottles. However, if you are a minimalist with a well-constructed capsule wardrobe, look for a backpack with a long strap. This gives you the chance to mix up how you wear your bag while extending the range of your fashion.

Basket Bag for Year-Round Fun

Imagine that the first day of summer has arrived. You’re searching for a purse to put your bikini, sunscreen, and beach towel in while the sun is blazing. Look no further than a macramé or basket style.

A basket bag’s robust and structured design that screams “vacation-ready” is made possible by weavings of cane, rattan, or wicker. A macramé bag, on the other hand, contains beautiful patterns of knotted cords or string that result in holes of varied sizes. Both of these bags are perfect beach companions since they keep sand from getting lodged in cracks.

Ladies, you might be surprised to hear that these ultimate bags are also made for year-round wear, and not just the one season. The best of it all is basket bags give laidback, bohemian-inspired clothes structure and character. Do you long for the perfect cottage-style accent to complete your picture-perfect apple-picking outfit? Create your macramé bag to support your homesteading efforts in true cottage core style.

Party-Worth Clutches

party worth clutches bag

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Clutches are the perfect accessory for any shindig since they are elegant, sleek, and very stylish. They go well with outfits for outdoor parties, semi-formal weddings, and more. The word “clutch” refers to the act of physically clutching a pocketbook in your hand to carry it.

They often come in tiny to larger sizes and frequently don’t have handles or straps. Although these purses are frequently used as evening accessories, don’t be scared to defy convention. Choose a clutch composed of unassuming materials like cotton, linen, or chambray to keep it understated.

On the other hand, if you want to go for total glam, these handbags have you covered! A floor-length ball gown will glitter just right with a sequin-studded handbag. Alternately, choose a muted nude colour to let your dress stand out.

Duffle Bag for the Weekend Warrior

Ladies who love to jet set should consider this bag style as their next travel buddy. Duffle bags are roomy and robust and frequently come with two portable straps and one long, adjustable strap for wearing over the body or over the shoulder, which makes them ideal for wanderlust enthusiasts.

Moreover, you can embrace duffel bags as a carry-on option and fill them to the brim without worrying about overpacking since they can carry a lot of items. Many models have a bottom compartment where you may store your used tennis shoes to keep them apart from anything else. The practical design also allows you to carry your free weights and other bulky gear from CrossFit, as well as yoga mats and water bottles when necessary.

The All-American Saddle Bag

A saddlebag is your way to go if you want to embody the Americana vibe, which is a summer 2022 trend. These purses have a circular flap with a crossbody shape that folds over at the front. Their original use was to carry a few essential supplies while riding a horse, and they were inspired by saddlebags on horses. Nowadays, without the regal, four-legged animal, they’re more of a fashion statement for ladies.

To achieve that distinctly American look, wear your saddle bag with traditional denim and a graphic T-shirt. To add a touch of howdy to your appearance, complete the look with cowboy boots and a hat with a wide brim. As the sun finally sets on the open road, stow your aviator sunglasses in your saddlebag.

Satchel Bag to Meet the Classics

A satchel is what most of us picture when we think of the classic handbag. They are extremely versatile bag styles that may be worn in various ways. For example, they can be worn across the body same as the fancy leather cross body bags for simple carrying.

In addition to the more feminine look when you delicately wear the short handles at the crook of your elbow. Satchels come in a variety of sizes, from tiny to small to enormous, and are typically used to transport books. They are undoubtedly the best choice for daily use and remain a reliable option for carrying from class to class. For a chic outfit, pair an all-white leather satchel with a satin midi skirt and a tee or tank.