5 Popular Taps for All Kinds of Bathrooms

Adding tapware is the final and perhaps the most fun part of bathroom decoration. However, besides making sure the taps fit the entire style and design of the bathroom, they should also be functional, easy to mount and maintain. Your taps should serve you well, work good with the water pressure and fit the plumbing and the holes that you already have in your bathroom.

If you have no idea where to start regarding this important feature, it helps to be informed of the most popular types of bathroom taps and their advantages and downsides. Also, it’s important to take the right measurements of the basin or bathtub, as well as check the type of plumbing you have. Only then, you can finally start seeking the perfect design that will match your bathroom and your preferences.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Taps?


mixer tapware bathrooms
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As the name says, wall-mounted bathroom taps are mounted on the wall and hang above the sink or bathtub. The great thing about these taps is that they won’t take up much space, especially if you’re going to mount one over a cabinet sink. They look contemporary and sleek, which makes them a superb choice for modern bathrooms.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s quite easy and effortless. The only downfall is that they work from hidden pipework (behind the wall), so if there is a need for reparation, things might get messy.


bathroom tapware mixers freestanding
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If you’re looking for a tap design that can be mounted on the floor, then freestanding taps are for you. They look dramatic and are perfect for accompanying a freestanding bathtub. However, you can’t just place one anywhere except exactly where the plumbing in your bathroom allows. These look classy and vintage, so if your bathroom is designed in such a style, a freestanding tap can complete the entire look.


deck mounted mixer taps
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These taps are installed directly on bathroom sinks and tubs. The tap holes are drilled into the rim of basin or tub to give a foundation for the attachment of the deck mounted tap. There is a single and double-tap option, but that depends mainly on the space in your bathtub or sink (and of course, your taste).


monoblock mixer tap
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These taps are made for baths and basins that have only one tap hole. Often called mixer taps, they have both hot and cold water streams (which mix as they emerge, giving you a perfectly balanced water temperature). As they are easy to use and don’t require much force, you will find these in family households with children (ideal for the elderly as well). If you seek a tap that will let you adjust the water temperature and pressure exactly how you want it, then the monobloc is for you.

Pillar Taps

pilar bathroom tapware

These have a pair of separate valves that allow you to control the water flow and temperature. They can be installed in sinks and bathtubs that have two holes for hot and cold water. You can mostly find them traditional designs, but there are some exceptions where you can find ones that look more contemporary.

Other Important Factors to Consider When Shopping for Taps

The Style of Your Basin or Tub

Before you go shopping, make sure to take into account the type of wash basin or tub you have. This is an important consideration, since the holes in your basin or tub what kind of tap you can get. If there’s only one hole, you can go with a mixer or monobloc taps. Monobloc bathroom taps have one spout but you can get two handles for independent control of hot and cold water. Mixer taps have a mixer that is fitted in the system so you can safely combine the hot and cold water to avoid potential burns and damage to your sink.

Basins with two tap holes will allow you to get pillar taps. They come in all styles and varieties (traditional, modern, knobbed handles, cross-shaped handles, you name it).

Water Pressure

The water pressure is also an important feature. Low-pressure water depends on gravity and has less than 1.0 bar. If there’s one metre of the vertical distance between the tap and the bottom of the cold water storage tank, you’ll get 0.1 bar of pressure. Having this pressure at home means having to deal with very low pressure which can be time-consuming while washing your hands or taking a bath. If your home has a low-pressure water system, you’ll have to seek basin taps specially designed for low pressure. On the other hand, a high-pressure water system will allow you to choose any type of tap.

Measure Up!

Make sure to measure the basin and the surrounding space to determine what tap dimensions will suit you best. If you can’t squeeze your hands under the running water, you won’t be able to do your basic hygiene which can be very frustrating. Also, think about the depth of the basin and how far from the edge of the basin are the tap holes. Also, check any bathroom furniture that could make leaning over the basin a challenge.

One simple tip will help you with this – seek taps that extend as far as the plughole. Lower spouts are better for smaller bathrooms where the space is limited. Higher spouts will allow you to wash and shave without problems. Longer spouts are great for big bathrooms and basins where the space isn’t limited.