Most Popular Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Without doubt, Victoria’s Secret is one of the most powerful brands in the beauty industry. With its huge and amazing collection of fragrances that are used by women of all ages, Victoria’s Secret shows that sophistication and femininity is a challenge that needs to be tackled with flying colours.

In terms of creating elegant allure and expressing your sensuality, perfumes are one of the most powerful tools through which we can express our personality. Alluring as well as having amazingly strong ability to raise intense feelings and to evoke memories, scents have been used as a seduction weapon by women throughout the ages. It’s almost impossible not to be attracted by the amazing selection of Victorias Secret perfume line. Here are few of the most popular perfumes by Victoria’s Secret:


Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly – This Victorias Secret perfume has sophisticated oriental scent, creating a strong impression right from the start. The beautiful combination of delicate floral notes like cardamon, wild ivy, iris mandarin, freesia, white musk and orchid vanilla delivers an unbelievable experience that enchants the senses and creates enduring impression without being very strong. Despite the fact that this perfume loses some of its intensity as hours pass by, the scent lingers all day and creates a unique experience.

Pure Seduction – For those who find Love Spell too strong, Pure Seduction is definitely a good alternative. Affordable and powerful, this fruity Victorias Secret perfume delivers an innocent, flirty and sexy note. Women who use this scent say that it truly deserves its name, as the melon combo, freesia and the plum create a refreshing experience. Pure Seduction can be used on a daily basis and is very affordable.

Victoria’s Secret Pink – If green, fresh and floral scent with flirty yet classy notes matches your taste, Secret Pink is the Victorias Secret perfume you definitely need. With great balance between the floral and sweet notes of artemesia, leaves, bergamot, vanilla and peony, this fragrance is specifically designed for daily use. With hint of sweetness, this perfume will leave an impression even on women who don’t like sweet fragrances.