Why Masticating Juicers Are The Most Popular Juicer Models

A good nutritional plan (plenty of veggies and fruits) is the most powerful weapon to combat poor health. And according to nutritionists, juicing is the best way to ensure you consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily. What you need is a quality and versatile juicer if you want to promote long and healthy lifestyle. Find the model that suits you best. Remember, what is satisfactory for a single person may not necessarily work out for a larger family.


Choosing the right juicer is both serious task and a costly investment, so no selection-mistakes are allowed. What you should do to ensure the very best decision is to find the answers to few questions and let them be your guidance in the quest for the ideal juicer. Are you looking for a fast and convenient access to juicing? Do you prefer leafy greens and wheatgrass juicing, or would you rather go for juicing soft fruits and berries?

Today’s market is chock-full of different brands of juicers that range in model, size, performance and special features. Two basic models of juicers are most prevalent nowadays – the centrifugal and the masticating juicer. Sale reports are showing that masticating juicers are the most popular models, commonly sought and purchased by interested buyers. We also agree with this statement. And here is why.

First and foremost, masticating juicers feature an effective masticating system where the machine actually ‘chews’ the ingredients up and releases more good nutrients. The higher nutritional content with less oxygen presence is extremely important for longer nutritional shelf life of the juice, and this is exactly what users get from the masticating juicer. Moreover, cutting-edge masticating juicers come in a user-friendly models.


One more reason why choosing a masticating juicer would never be a wrong decision, are the many opportunities it provides apart from quality juicing adventures. Hence, this small multipurpose kitchen appliance will also come in handy when you want to prepare pasta meals, make baby food, grind coffee beans, mince herbs and spices and whip up soy milk. Simply put, it is fascinating how flexible and versatile the masticating juicer is.

Bottom line is that if you opt for juicing for radiant health, the masticating juicer is what you are looking for. Refresh your body and soul with the 100% natural, yummy juices made from your future juicing companion. Fresh juice loves happiness. So do you.