Why are Bamboo Baby Products so Popular Amongst Parents?

From the moment a baby is born, giving him/her the best care possible is every parent’s desire. However, as a new mum, it can be hard to know how to provide your child with the best care and which baby products you should turn to for this purpose. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and can easily get irritated and for this reason your should be extra careful when choosing things like baby clothes, blankets, towels, wraps, socks and bathrobes.

Depending on what kind of materials these products are made of they can either be very gentle to your baby’s skin or cause irritation. Cotton clothes are often the ones to be blamed for a kid’s red or irritated skin. As one of the most sprayed crops in the world, cotton is full with pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. Furthermore, cotton clothing and bedding is often treated with artificial dyes which can also irritate the skin. This is the main reason why more and more parents opt for organic materials like bamboo when buying baby products for their little ones.


Bamboo is a durable crop that can thrive without the aid of toxic chemicals like pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, thus making bamboo baby products safer for babies than their cotton counterparts. Furthermore, bamboo is one of the fastest growing crops in the world, so it’s very sustainable and needs less water than cotton to reach its full potential. So while doing what’s best for your baby, by choosing bamboo, you’ll also be doing what’s best for Earth too. The main thing that makes bamboo baby products so popular among parents is their bio agent know as bamboo kun. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it prevents bacteria from thriving on your baby’s clothes, wraps, blankets, and pillows.

Due to the unique structure of the bamboo fibres that are flexible and breathable, the clothing made from them has amazing insulating properties. This means that bamboo clothing will keep your baby warm and cosy in winter and prevent sweating and irritation during those hot summer months. Another great thing about bamboo clothing and bedding is that they are very soft and have fine texture that feels gentle and delicate to the touch – features that make them the ideal choice for a baby’s sensitive skin. As a breathable and highly absorbent fabric, bamboo allows your baby to stay comfortable and dry throughout the day, all while keeping unpleasant odours at a minimum.