Which Are the Most Popular Jig Hooks


Equipment is important in pretty much everything you do. Even if you have a natural talent for something, you can only go as far without having the right equipment. This philosophy also applies for fishing. The pole, the hook, the bait, etc. all make a huge difference in how successful you are on your next fishing trip. In this article, we’ll discuss the J hooks fishing stores sell, and what the hype is all about.

J hooks or Jig heads used to be traditionally made from lead. However, lead is toxic and harmful to both humans and the environment. For this reason, the most commonly used material to produce jig heads now is tungsten, which is an inexpensive, tough and environmentally safe material. The weights can be shaped differently and are fixed and molded to the hook.

The most popular type of J hooks fishing online stores sell are the round head jigs. They’re your go-to jig hooks for freshwater fishing. The shaft of a round jig is straight and long, and the jig itself is round and smooth. The symmetry of the jig allows for a smooth casting action and the jig sinks without disrupting the water. This makes it the perfect choice for catching wary or timid fish. The hook eye can be found on the top of the round weight and points straight up.

Jig Hooks

Tube head jigs are also extremely popular. They have tubular, empty capsules situated at the top of the hook, and these capsules can be filled with weights of different measurements. This makes them very versatile and popular. Tube head jigs have a long shank to ensure they move correctly in the water and to make sure the are balanced.

Stand-up jig heads have a big, flat bottom. This makes them travel slowly through the water when cast. Moreover, the flat bottom angles the hook at 45 degrees and forces it to remain stationary when on the bottom in the water. Stand up jigs also prevent the hook from getting buried on the soft bottomed areas and decreases the effects a strong current or a rough water condition will have on the cast accuracy.

And lastly, football head jigs, which are shaped as their name implies – like a football. The football head sits on top of the hook with pointed ends towards the sides. It’s centered precisely on top of the hook shaft and the eye is positioned at the center and top of the jig. This carefully balanced wide shape, prevents the hook from falling to the side, and also provides a smooth, slow action in the water to avoid startling the fish. The positioning and shape of the football head jig make it so that they are less likely to snag, ensuring they move well over rocky bottomed waters.