What Makes Pick Up Lines so Popular Among Teens?

“I didn’t believe that angels exist in the same Earth we live, but now that I see you, I know for sure that they do.” Have you ever been approached by a guy who pulled out a cheesy pick up line like this one? Given the fact that pick up lines are incredibly popular among lame and uncreative teenagers, it’s very likely that every girl has found herself in such an uncomfortable situation.

Even though the outcome is often slapping, throwing drinks at their faces and mean comebacks and they’re widely considered as inefficient, one-liners are still widely used. But have you ever wondered why do guys use pick up lines from the Internet or TV shows to start a conversation with girls?

According to my research on the Internet, teenagers feel pressure to be popular, to be like all the other cool guys and to not be left out. In one of the most beautiful periods of their lives, most teens feel the need to follow the crowd and be “cool” by someone else’s terms. How happy and fulfilled a young person can be during these years depends on how well does he\she fit in the crowd. If one doesn’t, their teenage years could be a real torture that can leave emotional scars for a lifetime.

If you think that this is in no way connected with this topic, you’ve missed my point. Fueled up by the story of his classmate who told him how he picked up a girl the other night by successfully pulling a one-liner, one may also look on the Internet for pick up lines and try it out. No matter if it works like a charm or not, he’ll definitely tell his friends, who might pass on the pick-up-lines-trend to others and so on. My point is that, those lame lines are popular just because most teens consider them as an essential part of their teen years. In order to be as cool as their friends, teenagers hide away their individuality from girls and show their lame side instead.

Another possible reason why cheesy one-liners are still used by many could be that the conversation starter no longer plays as much important role as it used to. According to multiple studies, girls who are looking for a fling don’t pay much attention on the type and quality of the pick up line, but on the guy’s look. In other words, the quality of the conversation starter teens use doesn’t matter as much as their attractiveness. This could mean that in many cases, it was not the lines that worked, but guys’ look. Nevertheless, all of the credit was given to the art of the pick up lines and so the popularity boosted.

Next time you see a girl you want to meet, think of a good conversation started based on what’s going on around rather than lame pick up lines. You don’t need to be a part of the crowd and use popular lines to win a girl’s heart – you need to be yourself.