What Features Add to the Popularity of Skateboard Backpacks

According to recent studies, skateboarding is on a rapid rise and the global skateboarding equipment market is expected to surpass 5 billion USD by 2020. This means that now is the right time to invest in a skateboard and skateboarding equipment and pick up again the once iconic 90s hobby.


Shopping for the essentials is relatively easy – the skateboard itself should be a matter of personal choice and the protective garments should offer optimum protection. But what about the skateboard backpacks? These aren’t like regular backpacks – they have to be able to carry a variety of things inside – which means they should be of high quality, especially if the skater commutes with his board and spends a great part of his day in a skate park.

Skateboard backpacks should be prone to being squashed, thrown on the ground and should be able to handle a lot of abuse and wear. Because of this, they’re a very important investment for skaters, which makes it a difficult choice for some. So before buying one, it’s important to consider where you’ll be using it most and what you’ll be using it for.

Some things to take into consideration are the size of the bag. Will you need additional space to carry with you school books, your laptop and spare clothes if necessary? Or, you just need a smaller backpack for your skateboard and protection garments? Whatever your needs, you will certainly be able to find one to fits your lifestyle. And last but not least, consider whether you want to have a functional or a stylish one, or something in between. Here are the most important things to consider when shopping for skateboard backpacks.


Exterior Material

Some are 100% nylon, while others are heavy-duty backpacks that are durable and strong and take the constant abuse of frequent usage. If you’re traveling a lot and live in highly humid areas and areas where raid is common, water-resistant materials will help you ensure the inside of the bag stays dry. A reinforced bottom adds protection to the base of the bag to improve its durability. Sliding the bag around makes it much more likely for the bottom to be the first thing to get damaged so having it reinforced can really help.


Most models have different compartments inside for different purposes, so you can carry pretty much everything you may need, including your tablet, laptop, food, protective gear, a water bottle, etc. Water/air drainage grommets help remove the odor and moisture of your sweaty clothes from the inside of the bag, plus, your bag will get some fresh air.

Shoulder Straps

Since you’ll be traveling around with all the stuff in your bag, you’re going to want to do it comfortably. The shoulder straps should be padded and adjustable. Depending on how far away you plan on skating from home, this should have an impact on your decision. If all you do is transfer the backpack from your home to your car, you probably won’t need a heavily padded strap, but if you’re walking around a lot with it, then a strong, sturdy and padded strap is a must-have.