Popular Ways to Turn Your Child’s Dream Bedroom into Reality

It goes without saying that a child’s bedroom should be a safe haven where you can leave your little angel to play for hours on end without worrying about any potential health risks. It should also be a fun space where kids will love spending time without feeling like they are punished to do so. Not to mention how it should also be a soothing oasis that inspires sweet dreams. With that in mind, you might ask yourself: What exactly makes the ideal children’s bedroom? The truth is – there’s no definitive answer, but there are plenty of ways you can create a safe, healthy, and inspiring place for your child to grow up in.

Keep Clutter at Bay with Storage Solutions

It’s an unwritten rule that children’s bedrooms have a lot of things lying around – toys, books, socks, you name it. For that reason, the ideal thing to do is use closet storage, under bed drawers, a wooden sling bookcase, a coat rack, toy boxes, baskets and other storage solutions to keep everything organized. When it comes to storage solutions in a child’s bedroom, you can never have enough of them. The trick is for them to be at the approximate height as your children, so that you can teach them the valuable lesson of picking up after themselves.


Healthy, Wooden Furniture

Without a doubt, the most common material for kids’ bedroom furniture is wood, and for good reasons. Wooden furniture is a lot sturdier and more durable than plastic, and most importantly – significantly safer than metal. But when it comes to wooden furniture, it’s very important to be thoughtful about the finishes and colours used to make it attractive. If you consider purchasing coloured furniture, make sure that the paints are free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are water-based. Whether it’s a small wooden sling bookcase or a large wardrobe, wooden furnishings should come unfinished, or at least the finish used should not contain any solvents which can release toxic fumes into the air.

Turn to Your Child for Inspiration

If your child is older than four, you might consider involving him/her in the decorating process. By the age of five, most kids already have a set of individual interests: cars, insects, the colour pink, princess Elsa or another popular cartoon character. It doesn’t take an expensive renovation to set a theme that your child will absolutely love. Consider stacking up their wooden sling bookcase with colouring books and short stories, wall decals, and comforters depicting their favourite interests.