Wardrobe Necessities: 7 Must-Haves for the Modern Woman

Since fashion is a business that depends on you having to spend your hard-earned money on clothes, you don’t need to blindly follow trends. Instead, you could invest wisely in timeless pieces and accessories that you can wear again and that will never go out of style. Classic outfits could serve as the foundation for your everyday fuss-free style.

What some people don’t realise is that fashion isn’t just about following the newest trends or spending a lot of money. It’s also about being creative and finding ways to use what you already have in your wardrobe. Some staples truly transcend all trends and are timeless, so let’s explore the pieces that you should invest in and have as part of your everyday arsenal.

Leather Bag

One of the oldest and most profitable industries in the world is the leather industry. A leather bag’s long lifespan is one of the reasons for this. Well, at least they will last a lot longer than any other kind of bag as long as you take care of them properly. This is so because leather is a resilient and completely natural material.


Furthermore, no other kind of bag can compare to the sophistication and elegance of leather bags. For individuals who wish to look their best at work or when going out they are ideal. Because of their soft and pliable nature, they are frequently quite comfortable to carry. People who have to drag their possessions about all day long would especially benefit from this.


Any occasion may be dressed up or down with the elegant leather bags Tuscany by Scala that come in unique and very recognisable patterns and colours. They go well with most of your classic outfits and are appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.

leather bag from tuscany by scala

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A leather bag’s ability to hold its worth over time is one of its most striking qualities. Other materials have a tendency to depreciate in value over time. Also, have you noticed how no other material smells as good as leather does? Depending on the type of leather, it may or may not smell musty, but there is no disputing that it has a distinct aroma that most people love.


Most Scala Tuscany bags have multiple pockets and not only do they offer convenience but also a sense of security. The cotton lining, sturdy zips, and quality leather contribute to the overall quality and longevity.

Neutral Colour Blazer

A well-fitted blazer looks great with any outfit. I do, however, think you should buy a longer, fitted one before you buy a cropped, oversized one. Layering is the easiest way to make your clothes look more expensive, and it’s also a nice way to block out the cold office air.


When buying a blazer, it’s important to make sure there’s enough room under the shoulders and arms to be able to wear it over other clothes. And if you’re looking for flexibility, make sure that the sleeves don’t go past the wrists and easily roll up to the elbows.

neutral colour blazer

Source: theeverygirl.com

Stylish Watch

A girl’s best friends may be diamonds and pearls, but today’s lady has needs beyond just the glimmer. She wants professionalism and effectiveness. A hand watch is a type of contemporary timepiece that screams “organised professional” more than anything else. A distinctive watch that complements your individual style combined with minimalist jewellery is the ideal finishing touch for any event where you need to add a bit of business-casual style to your attire.

Light Cardigan

A classic that doesn’t get enough attention. A light cardigan will keep you warm at the movies or on a windy night, and it will also make your outfits look way cuter. I’m just saying that layering is how fashion is supposed to work. You can choose from a variety of lengths, styles, colours, and textures. There is no one style of cardigan that everyone should have, but you should have more than one.

Simple White Shirt

A clean white shirt is always a good choice. You can tuck it in, leave it out, layer it, or use a belt to turn an oversized shirt into a dress. This classic must-have can be worn with anything, especially suit pants, pencil skirts or jeans. It’s a comfortable piece of clothing to own and can be used for more than one thing.

woman wearing simple white shirt

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Denim Jacket

This is a classic that will never go out of style and is best when combined with simple-cut jeans, leather boots and a Tuscany by Scala purse. This material is simple to clean when it comes to laundry. Denim’s twill weave is designed to conceal stains, while spot cleaning is an easy way to clean up soiled garments. You don’t have to wash it as often as cotton for example. Denim is also wrinkle-resistant, so after washing it, you won’t even need to iron it.

Boot-Cut Jeans

Who doesn’t want jeans that fit perfectly and feel like a second skin? These jeans always come back in style, and they look great with bodysuits, blazers, denim jackets, boots, and more. They go well with both shirts and sweatshirts they will make you look taller and also accent your curves.