Unexpected Ways to Use Picture Frames

Picture Frames decor

Picture frames are such a great décor piece because there are so many things that you can do with them. Below we will go over a whole range of alternative ways that you can use picture frames around your home. These are all great DIY projects that you can do by using a picture frame and a little imagination. If you want to know more then keep reading below.

  1. Create Holiday Décor
    The holidays are a really great time to get creative. The first thing you want to do is invest in some red picture frames if you don’t already have any. Red, green, and gold really are the colours of the season. A great little project is to create some light up picture frames and some holiday inspired leafy green decorations. Take some mesh wire and attach it to red picture frames, start wrapping holiday light around the wire and hot glue leafy green decorations between the lights. Make sure you place them near an outlet so you can turn them on and you are done.

  1. Leave Them Empty
    This can look really great even though it sounds a little odd. You want to take apart the picture frame and get rid of the backing and the glass until your only left with the frame itself. This looks best when you use more than one frame, try sticking to the colours like all black, white, red picture frames for the best effect.

  2. Turn It Into A Mirror
    This is something that is really simple to make and can look really great. First, pick a style of a picture frame that you really like in a size you like. Next, you want to replace the backing with a mirror by glueing the frame on top. If you want, you can easily add something to the back to prop it up, this makes a great addition to your make-up vanity.

  3. Bulletin Board
    This is another great way to really dress up everyday items. Average bulletin boards are great but they can be kind of drab and can really bring the look of a room down. Cut out some cork board to fit a picture frame and glue it to the frame. Put them on your desk and pin your notes on these. This is a great and simple way to really make everyday items look a little more special.

  4. Display Objects
    While photos can be something really sentimental to display, why not display other special items? You can put basically anything in picture frames so why not get a little creative. Some ideas might include displaying baby clothes, t-shirts, plane or travel tickets, maps, and so much more. The possibilities are pretty much endless so why not get a little creative?

  5. Jewellery Organizer
    You can create a chic jewellery holder with a picture frame and some string. The first thing you want to do is take out the glass, lay the frame down flat and lay some thread across the back, carefully press the back of the frame down so that the string stays in place. Now you can hang things like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces without them getting all tangled.