Top 10 Most Popular LEGO Toys for 2015

When it comes to LEGO toys, there is always something wonderful available online for just about any age, gender and taste. LEGO is the leading toys brand that offers plastic construction toys designed for all ages. You can choose between Duplo, Creator, Minifigs, Minecraft, Mindstorms, Technic and many more. However, it can sometimes be really difficult to pick the right set for your child, which is why we have put together a great list.

These Are The Top 10 Most Popular LEGO Toys For 2015

LEGO toys

LEGO Juniors Fire Emergency

Treat your kid with this LEGO Junior Fire Emergency set and enjoy watching their creative minds. “HELP! An abandoned kindergarten is on fire! Please turn on the engine of your fire truck, come and save it!” This will be some of the countless scenarios made up by the creative minds of your kids. This amazing LEGO toys set includes 3 firefighters with various accessories, a fire truck with extendable features, rotating ladder and a hose with a water element. It also includes an abandoned house with retractable flames, street light, trash, ladder, a saw and diver gear.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Ice Cream Bike

Surprise your little girl with this amazing ice cream bike. She will be more than happy to prepare a delicious ice cream treats for the whole family and sell them. This LEGO set includes an Olivia mini-doll figure, Ice Cream Bike, picnic table with bench, a fountain and a mailbox. The Ice Cream Bike has a detachable ice cream stand, an ice box, turning wheels and a parasol. In this set you can also find an ice cream cones, an ice pop, an Italian ice cream in chocolate and strawberry flavours, coins, a water bottle and a letter.

LEGO Friends Jungle Falls Rescue

The LEGO Friends Jungle Falls Rescue toy set is designed for both boys and girls. Let your kids, explore the jungle, find treasures and rescue the tiger. This set includes Olivia mini-doll figure, a chameleon and a tiger cub. It also includes a cliff with stairs, cliff hut with stools and table, flowers, waterfall with dam function, trees and a vine. From the additional accessories, you can find a fruit salad plates, a driftwood, glasses and a precious gem.

LEGO toys 2

LEGO DUPLO Jakes Pirate Ship Bucky

LEGO DUPLO is specially designed to be fun and safe for your kids. Let your kid be Captain Hook and enjoy his pirate adventures. This set includes Jake and Captain Hook figures, rigging, a lookout tower, sail, pirate-themed DUPLO bricks, rudder, a cannon with shooter function. The specially made island includes palm tree, shovel, treasure chest, flowers and bendable green leaves, as well as sword and Skully and gold doubloon decorated bricks.


Let your kids build a big farm and have fun with the animals. This LEGO DUPLO Big Farm set includes everything you need to for living on a farm. It includes two LEGO DUPLO figures – a child and a farmer, a horse, cow, calf, chicken and a cat. It also features a farmhouse with redesigned roof, a barn, stable, LEGO DUPLO tractor and a fence, as well as opening doors and windows, 2 chairs, feeding trough and a flower decorated LEGO DUPLO bricks. You can also find a mice, chicks/eggs, spider and a weathercock.

LEGO City Police ATV

Your kid will stop the thief and rescue the diamonds with this amazing LEGO toys set. It includes 2 mini figures a burglar and an Elite Police officer, as well as walkie-talkie set, wheelbarrow, handcuffs crowbar and 4 diamonds.

LEGO toys 3

LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser

This amazing set includes Maya, Mia and Andrew mini-doll figures,a personal water scooter, a waterslide, kitchen, shower, living room, captain’s deck, bedroom with 2 beds, bathroom, bow deck with snack bar and chaise lounges, as well as dolphin sonar, waterskis, sofa, plant, drinking glasses, dolphin food and food accessories.

LEGO Technic Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

The set features a detailed 6-cylinder Volvo-green engine with fan and moving pistons, working lift arm, articulated servo steering and a tipping bucket. It also includes a power function components like a servo motor, a large motor, an XL-motor, a medium motor, 2 remote controls, a battery box and 2 infrared receivers.

LEGO Bricks Creative Building Cube

This LEGO set is great for creative play and for boosting another LEGO brick collection and your LEGO storage ideas kits. The set includes 600 bricks, curvy elements, satellite dishes and hinges. There are lots of colourful and standard bricks, as well as printed eyes and faces and many other interesting elements like space rockets and cars, as well as animals from the jungle!

LEGO DUPLO Toddler Starter Building Set

Teach your kids to build with this amazing building set. It includes extra-large DUPLO bricks, patterned and eye-decorated DUPLO bricks; it has 37 pieces in order to build lots of big DUPLO animals! It is suitable for children between 18 months and five years of age.