Tool Boxes: Keep Your Tools Organized and Safe

Utes are being snapped up like tickets for that overseas holiday you’ve been holding out for now that restrictions are lifting. And there’s a multitude of reasons why utility trucks take up more than half of the top ten vehicles sold in Australia in September. They’re versatile, come in different configurations, and are handy for a range of people and purposes. Plus, they can be outfitted just the way you want. More accessories are sold for utes than any other vehicle. Here, I’ll be focusing on a ute accessory no tradesman can do without – the ute tool box.

Benefits of Tool Boxes

picture of an aluminum ute toolboxes

Utility vehicles are rightly named. They’re used by sparkies, plumbers, construction workers, carpenters, farmers, landscapers or any professional requiring a lot of tools when at the jobsite. Keeping those tools neatly organised in a place that is easily accessible is a must. Also, keeping them stashed and locked will safeguard the investment and time in building your trade. Different toolboxes are handy for storing different materials and tools that you use. They can be built just the want you want them, with all the features that you’ll ever need. And they can be optioned in the size, shape and finish that best goes with your vehicle.

Types of Ute Tool Boxes

picture of aluminum tool box

Tool boxes can be categorised by the materials and build, the different sizes and designs, how they fit on or under the ute tray, and the range of features that enhance user experience.

Ute Tool Box Materials

If you want to store tools and equipment with some heft, you’ll need a tool box made of sturdy materials and the finest workmanship you can find. Most are made of thick aluminium sheets and reinforced by heavy-duty stainless-steel hinges and locks. Aluminium tool boxes Brisbane include seamless welds in adjoining aluminium pieces, with industrial-grade rubber seals to keep out dust, water and chemicals. You can option the aluminium in a powder-coated finish in a range of colours for added rust protection and better looks. Also, a checker plate surface will keep things in place, good if you’re often driving on tough terrain or unsealed roads. The non-slip design adds to safety, with nothing moving about. Your tools will be safe from bad weather, any mishaps at the jobsite or on bad roads, and with recessed locks and drill-proof sheeting, you’ll know they’ll always be where you left them.

Aluminium is the material the majority of tradies go for as it is lightweight yet tough enough to handle daily wear and tear. You can also get toolboxes in steel, though these are significantly heavier and more expensive. If you’re not carrying a lot of tools, there are cheaper and smaller toolboxes made of reinforced plastics, though they’re far from the quality and strength of metal variants.

Tool Box Designs

picture of an aluminum ute tool box

Aluminium tool boxes Brisbane come in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes that fit both flat trays on single cabs, or enclosed trays on extra cab and dual cab utes. Popular models include gullwing or cross-deck tool boxes that fit across the tray leaving room for bigger items at the back. They have doors on either side, making access quick and easy. Another sought-after tool box is the one-tonner, with a full or half door that opens toward the back. If you’re concerned about height, or have a rack installed, a low-profile tool box might be up your alley. Whatever you choose, you know you’ll be getting a quality product.

In terms of shapes, there are rectangle boxes, square edge boxes, tool boxes that taper towards the top, and undertray aluminium tool boxes Brisbane to fit in the recesses under the tray. You can also pick the colour of the coating if appearance counts.

Features to Look for

With sturdy materials, quality build and the shape that suits the tools and equipment you carry, next is to option a tool box that has quality features both in and out. On the outside look for recessed T-handle or whale tail locks with reinforced brackets. These are hard to remove or drill into, so security is high. Alarms can also be fitted, just in case. Doors have smooth opening gas struts, that keep open with minimal effort. Inside look for metal shelving, with the choice of adjustable heights or when space is a priority, shelves that can be removed. These are combined with parts bins for all the smaller items, like screws, nails or smaller tools. To organise your tools, there are varying numbers of lockable drawers, some of which can be accessed from the outside. If you often work with man’s best friend, then there are boxes with integrated dog cages. Larger tool boxes will understandably have more space and more storage units to better organise all that you need for the job.

Buying Considerations

picture of aluminum ute tool box

Get the tool box that best fits your needs and budget. Metal variants, especially aluminium tool boxes Brisbane will be made tough, and last for years to come. Consider the space you have available, the features you need and how much you’re willing to spend.