The Reasons Behind the Popularity of the Height Adjustable Office Desks

There have been so many different studies on what you should do and not do in order to avoid the common symptoms of back and shoulder pain in the office. If all of them were collected I am fairly certain that they could easily fill out at least an average sized library all on their own. While this may not surprise you, or you might not find this trivial piece of information particularly interesting, I am frankly staggered by it, though not for the reasons you might think. Truth is, if all of these findings were condensed into one, they wouldn’t make a book or even a regular sized college dissertation, but rather a single sentence – “Try not to slouch so much”.

height adjustable office desk

Now, while that whole paragraph I just wrote may seem like it was just a lot of empty air to get to a “funny” little joke at the end, the truth is that a lot of common pains that most office workers are faced with come as a result of bad posture. Honestly, it’s no wonder that that’s the case considering the fact that you have to sit behind a desk for hours on end most of the week in the same exact position. In fact, the only reason why the height adjustable office desk is so useful and such a popular item is because it can help you maintain your spine’s natural shape for the duration of the entire work day.

Actually, that might not be entirely true since the main draw of the height adjustable desk is that it can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to the perks of both sitting and standing at the office. While I am aware that many people now believe that standing at your desk will cure your cancer, get rid of your tumours and improve your eye sight, and that sitting cuts your life by an hour for every minute you spend on the chair, the truth is much more even handed.

While it is true that standing has been proven to increase your productivity, boost your energy and help prevent the shoulder and neck pain caused from sitting for long periods of time, sitting has it’s benefits as well. For example, it is better for performing certain work tasks like typing, it doesn’t tire you out nearly as much, and regardless of what many think, it helps with the common problems of standing for too long like sore feet and lower back pain.

In the end, the height adjustable office desk is really your best choice as it gives you the best of both worlds. Yet, it has none of the disadvantages that come with staying in one position all day, regardless if that is standing or sitting.