The Popularity Behind Sustainability

The future lies in sustainability. Going green has certainly become popular, especially in the last couple of years, and it’s not difficult to see why: it benefits the environment as well as our lives. Sustainability affects everything, the way we eat and dress, the way we shop and the energy we use along with how we use it, so it’s a scope of aspects.

It’s safe to say it’s life-changing as it encourages us to take a better look at the the choices we make daily and instead of taking nature for granted, try and protect it as best we can. It shouldn’t come as surprise then that modular buildings are making it big particularly in Australia as a country that takes sustainability seriously.

Let me make this clear, the concept of prefab homes is nothing new, more so it’s been present for some centuries now considering the British Empire shipped cottages to Australia as its colony in the 1800s, yet with the innovation and stylish modern design of today, modular constructing has become much more desirable and cost-efficient.

Specifically designed for the budget, site and spatial requirements, it means modular buildings aren’t all the same as the general opinion goes but are unique.

What makes them sustainable, other than the choice of eco-friendly materials, is the fact they are fabricated in controlled environments then assembled on site, which means there are less delays from the beginning, resulting in a fixed price, timely construction and setup, within weeks.

Along with this, there’s reduction of the waste and encouragement of reusing and recycling materials. Prefab buildings are meant to blend in with the surroundings, and inspire individuals to adopt eco-friendly habits, cutting down the carbon footprint, starting from using energy-saving appliances, lighting, and water-conserving plumbing for example.

The same goes for the choice of renewable energy sources and we should proudly say we are part of a nation that’s seen solar power boom these last few years, we are setting the example for others in what green living is about.

Green architecture aside, we’ve also set records for being the nation with the most organically farmed land, so we like our healthy, chemical-free foods, and even take to the urban gardening trend. Sustainability doesn’t end here, given that green fashion is on the rise in the country too.

If you want to inspire others with your lifestyle, take up the sustainability trends!