The Popular Window Covering: Dual Roller Blinds

While in the past people didn’t always had plenty of choices, nowadays we have more than our hearts desire. I’m not saying it’s actually a bad thing, though this too has its disadvantages, like not knowing what to choose in the first place! No matter what you head out for when shopping, you can expect to get stuck in a rut when you see the many options around you, appealing you with their prices, designs, tastes, shapes, colours… You get my point.Dual Roller Blinds

I recently had to deal with endless moments spent in indecisiveness when I had to choose the adequate window covering for my gorgeous windows. Curtains immediately got left out because although stylish, they don’t provide the enough amount of privacy I was after, so I was left with the wide range of blinds. I knew it had to be the roller blinds type, a design so clean and elegant, yet which fabrics?

Lucky for me, I was able to get the best of both worlds in the form of dual roller blinds. Having two different types of blinds on a single bracket? Now I see why this blind option is gaining so much in popularity around our country lately.

The benefits of these blinds are getting exceptional control over light, and privacy, as well as their cost-efficiency and its positive effect on your wallet since you get two fabrics for the price of one (same bracket). They have a role in enhancing the interior décor too with their versatility, so when you have dual roller blinds, all the benefits just double up. If you find yourself in a situation like me, not being able to decide whether to go for a blockout fabric, or transparent and let more light in, this option can give you both.

I opted for blockout and transparent so I could them to let more light in when I feel like it, also enjoying the outside view, or block it out, get complete obscurity, and add more to privacy at night. Apart from these benefits, they are incredibly easy to use even though you get to deal with two blinds. The mechanism can be either chain pulling, or controlled by a remote, and the blinds change by being pulled on different sides.

They don’t require any particular maintenance either, so whenever I want to remove dust I just wipe them out with a damp cloth (not soaky), and when removing stains I add a bit of soap. If you’re still wondering what your window coverings should be, I highly recommend this option.