The Most Popular Way to Divide Your Small Flat With One Simple Object


What if I challenge your design ambitions by urging you to seek beauty in simplicity and simplicity alone, because with minimalist aesthetics you can truly outsmart the size of your flat and make it look wider and brighter and feel far more comfortable. It doesn’t really matter if your home happens to be a condo, a studio-size cottage or just a normal small flat, what matters is the idea of purposefully living with less.

So, instead of fretting about your small flat, buck up and overlook your home’s flaws in favor of noticing its good points, imagine what small changes would enhance the beauty and the style of your home. A lot of brainstorming and several ideas later, you’ll solve the “small space” problem and a whole new perspective of your home might dawn upon you.

Now if you are a owner of a studio-sized flat and you find its one room strategy utterly suffocating, it’s time to strike back with a meticulous strategy of your own. You can easily turn it into a two room apartment with the latest “comeback” trend, wall dividers.

The most important purpose of wall dividers is separating the public and private areas, that’s why with a little help from these practical and stylish design pieces, you can have two separate rooms: a personal bedroom corner and an inviting living room area for friendly gatherings. The concept “room within a room” is becoming more and more popular among small flat owners and it seems to work pretty well. Since wall dividers are not connected to the ceiling, the feeling of openness and light is preserved and you get an idea that the flat looks more spacious.

wall divider

It’s always a refreshing idea to update the living space and add a new visual aspect in your home, be it with wall dividers, plants, works of art or something else. But prior to that, think about finding a way to incorporate unique aspects of your personality and your style in your home design. That’s something that all interior designers nowadays never forget to mention, so filling up your space with things that matter to you such as photographs, special objects or 20 year old toys should be on the top of your “redecorating” list.